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MOD debugging is completed, add a taxi stand.

[UEP2]-11_Part-a <BENZ TAXI SERIES> Includes benz taxis in 10 countries / cities around the world. (BUS + ASSET)

AT, CHN, DE, HU, USA, RU, NOR, SWE, ShenZhou car rental, UBER.

Cancel AI-TAXI. Players set their own taxi route (BUS).

Available time: 1990, maximum speed limit 136KM / H

Release tomorrow.

Comments 6

  • Looks good! Do you plan to create the taxi as civilian AI cars?

    • About AI cars, I solicited opinions from players yesterday.

      This MOD is the first part of New taxi series, which includes Benz taxis in 10 countries around the world. If they appear in the game as AI cars at the same time, it will be a bit confusing.

      So, I added a taxi stand to let players choose the taxi appearance (BUS) and set route in the game.

    • I think he´just want the model as a KI car and not as a taxi ...

    • That's true! I mean without taxi logo in different colors.

    • Ah, I got it wrong. . :p

      There will be an integrated MOD version of the ordinary AI CAR. This is PART-A. After the other three B / C / D taxi series MODs are completed, I will released a integrated MOD, only AI CARS + ASSET.

      PS: By the way. . . The new police series MOD that will be released later will also include this BENZ model. lol

    • Very good :-)