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Der SBB RBDe 560 unterwegs in den Bergen meiner Schönbau Map.

Screenshot für den "TPF2 Screenshotcontest Januar 2020"

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  • Hallo, um diesen Zug von den SBB zu bekommen, haben Sie ihn von TPF1 umgebaut?

    • hi. i think your speaking english :) No i didnt convert it. It is a MOD but i cant tell you where i have it from i forgot.

      if i find it i will post it here. sry

      found it: NPZ / RBDe 560

    • Actually, I speak French, but I didn't know that you also speak English, well, no worries. It would be a pleasure if you could find it, it's true that as far as Swiss rolling stock is concerned, there's not much on TPF2, so it's always nice to see a Rbde 4/4 Kolibri train, ancestor of the Rbde 560 Domino, in the gallery.

    • already found it :) as you can see in my last post:

      NPZ / RBDe 560

      here the link for you :)

    • Thank you very much.