Information about spellcheckers

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  • Information about spellcheckers

    Last modification: 27.09.2018
    According to § 1 of the forum rules all users are required to write the contributions in proper German spelling using grammar. Since some users find it a bit more difficult, there are various tools that help to avoid spelling mistakes, for example. In case of deliberate negligence, the forum team reserves the right to sanction the user concerned.

    These requirements enable better searchability (including finding information by search engines) and, last but not least, better readability by other users.

    Mozilla Firefox

    There are several dictionaries for the browser of the Mozilla project that indicate errors while writing, and in most cases offer a correction by right-click:
    Deutsches Wörterbuch
    British English Dictionary (Marco Pinto)
    French spelling dictionary

    Opera Software's browser has a built-in spell checker that allows you to activate various dictionaries.

    For the Google browser there is a built-in spell checker, in which different languages can be activated.
    The settings for this are located under chrome://settings/languages
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