Is shadeless material possible?

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      Thanks Enzojz.

      I tried emissive material and it creates light but also shadows. So that's pity enough no solution for my question.

      For my backdrops project I want to create a solid material that doesn't make shadows on other objects.
      Did you also do that in your mod? Or do you maybe know how I can make such a material?

      B.t.w. I also tried a transparent material with an alpha channel texture, but above 50% coverage it unfortunately makes shadows.


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      If you want to create object without shadows on others, try some transparent material with two side option on, then flip your normals, if your object is only a surface, the upper side won't give a shadow, or exactly you will see the inverted brightness.

      The mod on shaders means something different, since the shaders works on the biases of pixel, you can have material without shadows from other objets.
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