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    • Transport Fever 2 - English Language Thread

      Hello everyone

      Just thought I would create a thread for those of us that do not understand German !

      Having over 2k hours on TPF 1 I'm obviously looking forward to the new version. I just hope they use the opportuniy to improve the shipping and aviation aspect of TPF1.

      What are you looking for from the new game ?

    • Better trams and metros
      Tram tracks in dedicated median right of way, properly functioning 1 way tram lines, more realistic curvature applied to where tram lines go around corners (right now longer trams look comical going around curves) Underground tram stations for Stadtbahn systems. Metro systems with similar pricing models to trams, right now Metros are very hard to make profitable running as regular rail lines.

      Elevated stations!
      We really need some good elevated and multilevel stations, and older models too so things like the Berlin Stadtbahn become possible to create without massive amounts of work. Multilevel stations would be fantastic as well.

      Mentioned before by many but really the ability for trains to use multiple tracks in stations.

      Ill probably add some more as I think of them....

      Option to rebuild old vehicles where player spends less than cost of new equipment for partial restoration of degraded performance.

      Cities Skylinesque option to set custom building themes with custom models, variable density and parameters such as stopping the construction of skyscrapers.

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    • From what I have seen in the trailers published so far on Youtube it looks very promising, but since the graphics seem to have gotten a major makeover I hope that they find a better way to handle the resources used by the game compared to the current version which brings my decently equipped laptop on its knees, especially the HDD which causes the vechicles to stutter a little.
      Since I have seen the same phenomenon in many videos on Youtube I draw the conclusion that it is not just my computer that struggle to keep up with the game's demands.

      For us living in Scandinavia which is a relatively small market in real life, but decently big in gaming I hope to see some trains that can at least be passed as decently fitting.
      The problem with this is however that each country made their own rolling stock until the late 1990s, so I am not keeping my hopes to high in this respect, but keep worrying a little since the modding community for TpF is mainly German and therefore has produced rather few models for the Scandinavian market.

      I am also hoping for more integrated stations so that You can combine ships, trains and trucks in a harbour for instance.
      It seems as if UG has thought about this though since they say in the infrastructure vlog that it will be possible to combine freight and passengers in the same station area.

      The aviation part of the current game is relatively difficult to operate on surplus since the passengers mainly wants to use the planes for commuting and as soon as there is an alternative to taking a plane they flock to that alternative leaving the planes and airports empty.
      In TpF 2 I therefore hope that there will be a way to create profitable longer distance routes with the included aircraft.

      Possibly it could also be useful to be able to landmark individual buildings in Your cities like in Cities Skylines.

      I very much like that UG will make it possible to plop industries and whole cities in game, at least the latter I am missing in the current game.