Chagning the game timescale/game source code.

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    • Chagning the game timescale/game source code.

      I want to change the game's time scale, long story short, in order to allow one game played at 4x speed to last as long as one played at 1x speed. this is simply because i want to be able to have one save game last until the end of this semester if i played a few hours here and there. after poking around the game files, there is a game.table.utils.millsPerDay variable or something very similar. but the highest you can set that value and notice a difference is 8000. i tried setting it to 16000 and 32000 but nothing happens. i can only conclude that there must be a hard coded limit in the game's base code. and i understand that it could break the game. but i at least want to try. if anyone has any info as to a) if it is actually possible to de-compile the .exe. b) if i can obtain the source code form another source c) where i could get the sourcecode. and/or d)why the game as a maximum day length of 8000 mills per day.

      Thank you.