French Road Mod / French Pack textures

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    • French Road Mod / French Pack textures

      Hello to community

      I am creating a mod to return more "pleasant and more "French roads for my package "french texture pack" and I think of sharing him in simple download a little later

      I really look has to make something correct and I wish to know of what you think of it and if you have suggestions has to make me. quite panels and tree puts itself randomly according to the road if ever there is a package grouped of panels, it is just enough to create a small road quoted and to destroy her to remove panels or it is just necessary to pay attention by creating a new road before validating her or infrastructures are going to build up themselves (they appear before releasing the right click) it is only the beginning but I think that the base is nice and if i can have And I shall like having notices to éxterieur

      Thank you and good evening, Romuald

      PS : if you want to test , you must have the "base" of my french pack texture (res08/04)(edit : no my base are not necessary but ... really appreciate ;)) , and send me message in MP i'll share you the update , mod are for "new" road and small in medium country road and city road...for the moment... ( i live next "autoroute A10" also i'll go to take few pics for make a good one :D
      • French road Mod.jpg

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    • Today it's really shinny on France also , not really work on tf , but in my garden :D

      but i just make a new panneau for "medium city road" , it's based on the panneaux " medium road" but a little restyle and with color of french city panneaux

      always on work , i learn more and more for the "attribution" of asset in street config ;)

      i've put the panneaux to , on the update road" now , i've to make the autoroute for finish my pack (the V1.0 :D )
      • panneaux medium city road.jpg

        439,1 kB, 1.920×1.080, 826 mal angesehen
      • panneaux medium city road blender.jpg

        69,73 kB, 1.020×866, 753 mal angesehen

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    • hello ,

      all depend with the "method" you put the road ,

      when it's road created by computer , i've put for have no many signal for "the base" just a little and for the upgrade option too.
      after test many map , i see when the map are created with generator , you don't have many many signal ( just the limitation of speed or little little direction signal but really not often) ,the mod are really good when you creat road

      you have different method for have the signal as you want (many signal or less) , all are with the long of road you creat , the best are to creat little by little and see the result , if you have a "block" with 2 or 3 signal , you just have to build a road just next and to erase after and the signal have disapear ;)

      my English are really bad , i'll go to take pic for best explain !

      thanks for the interet guy ;)

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    • work of the night :

      power pole for road , french style ...
      imitation of cable in "trompe l'œil" really nice for french "realism" (in my opinion :P i wait for know what community think of that ! )
      again many work for all setting and finish the autoroute...

      i think the V1.0 will be avaible for the week end in my update for my pack textures and i try to make a single download the week later, and i think in near futur i go to make a conversion for one another country ( i think deutschland because many people at this games are from that country ;)

      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-09-17-20.jpg

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      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-12-51-49.jpg

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      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-15-25-27.jpg

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      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-09-31-26.jpg

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      • blender-app 2015-04-13 15-55-52-56.jpg

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    • for "BritishTrains"

      i've put pics for show you how it "random" ,

      i've build a road, and on different pics you can see the signalisation change and the evolution when you change just "cut" this road , or erase a portion and rebuild it ;)

      hope you understand better with pics !
      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-12-51-49.jpg

        278,06 kB, 1.920×1.080, 542 mal angesehen
      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-13-07-07.jpg

        280,72 kB, 1.920×1.080, 493 mal angesehen
      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-13-25-97.jpg

        271,81 kB, 1.920×1.080, 473 mal angesehen
      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-14-23-33.jpg

        338,56 kB, 1.920×1.080, 464 mal angesehen
      • TrainFever 2015-04-13 16-14-44-16.jpg

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    • Hello ,

      tonight i don't have work on french road mod but i've work on the "terrain" ,i don't have never really love it and want upgrade it , i've think for make the French road pack it can be the good moment ! i want include in french road pack the "french ground" !

      i've working on the "noise" and adapt a little the color , now vehicule and object are less shiny ,i've pass many times and .... pics are besser than long explain :D
      • TrainFever 2015-04-15 01-47-58-33.jpg

        291,58 kB, 1.920×1.080, 505 mal angesehen
      • TrainFever 2015-04-15 01-51-57-17.jpg

        361,93 kB, 1.920×1.080, 439 mal angesehen
      • TrainFever 2015-04-15 01-55-14-62.jpg

        229,14 kB, 1.920×1.080, 489 mal angesehen
      • TrainFever 2015-04-15 01-56-30-57.jpg

        313,26 kB, 1.920×1.080, 533 mal angesehen
      • TrainFever 2015-04-15 01-48-58-91.jpg

        247,05 kB, 1.920×1.080, 562 mal angesehen

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    • Hello to all

      today i've work on a second power pole , now it's not always the same ;)

      and i've make " une borne kilométrique"

      have a nice day , romu
      • today work.png

        832,63 kB, 1.028×592, 451 mal angesehen
      • today work 2.png

        797,07 kB, 923×695, 469 mal angesehen
      • today work3.png

        708,98 kB, 866×542, 509 mal angesehen

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    • hello all ,

      today work for the moment ,

      borne kilométrique "nationale" et " panneaux vitesse autoroute"

      for info , i try to put really small textures for keep a good frames rates , the signal are visible 0 to 300 and textures between 256ko and 1 mo (but really not often 1 mo), personnally with fraps i don't see difference in framerates , i've all options at max with i5 oc 4.5 , tri-x r9 280x and 8go of ram , tf are install on SSD and i'm always between 30-60 fps

      i don't know if anybody have see that ,but to me ,with the vertical synchro forced on my graphics card , the game are really more beautiful and don't lose many fps ( it can be a tips , just test and say me if it's the same for you ;) )
      • panneau autoroute 2.png

        297,69 kB, 1.306×888, 458 mal angesehen
      • bornes kilométrique nationale.png

        936,68 kB, 1.095×688, 506 mal angesehen

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    • Hello to all ,

      i hope all are good for guys are using the mod , i've no message also , all are good lol!

      i make a little break in road mod because that past week , i've really pass many times on it and want changes a little for 2-3 days (after i'll go to make upgrade for road mod)

      this night i've start the work of the BB 15000, again many many work on it but.... it's begin to smells good !

      have a nice week end all !

      • bb 15000 in work.png

        299,71 kB, 1.892×1.002, 489 mal angesehen

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    • a little update before lunch , i've work a little on BB 15000

      first of all , thanks you to "agentbob" for have say me for the UV map , i've learn it and ... that change life it's ...wooow :D really thanks !

      the front are now ok for model , now i must all "synchronize" again all "détails" and models are ok ( i think i finish it in night) after all the textures and materials and it's ok

      a little pic " test" in speed with texture ;)
      • bb 15000 in work , models 3d of front are OK test with texture ... just try .....png

        693,23 kB, 1.844×1.002, 588 mal angesehen