I have a map a height Ma. how does one upload it

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    • I have a map a height Ma. how does one upload it

      So I made a map it didn't work, until this last update which had a fix of some sort and make my map playable, if you get a good seed, if you don't you will be attempting it again a seed that does work for me is my name Reino Otoko just like that with the space for some reason reino is a no go!
      but I've proven it playable and I want to upload it, it actually has a dormaent Volcano at one end on it. I't not flat unless you find the secret seed, which I've not found as yet. You can start and play it on med I'm not sure about hard
      It"s really ashame that I hardly remember one word of German from my 3 years. I took it in high school!
      I'd like to know how to upload it please?
    • Just go to the "Downloads" section on top of the page. Navigate to The maps category and add a new entry. There you have to supply a name, description and preview image as well as the map of course (zipped). We will review your upload and activate it if it does not validate any rules :)
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