Seamons Eisenbahn-Mod (einige Züge)

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    • After some file changes by Seamon, I've rechecked and refurbished older work and continued working on the EC. The EC differs only slightly in model, but al lot in texture (as you already have seen). One of the parts most changed is the "Motorwagen". Here it is, without lettering & logo's (and weathering), but already with the basic textures, shadowwork and normalmapping in place:

      I think opinions about the look of the Eurocity-design are as polarized as the debate on the German "Old vs Elfenbein/Ozeanblau" coloringscheme. Although I must say, that debate is starting to die down because (at least to my experience) the greatest group of detractors were people that actually witnessed the "old" coloringsscheme (old being the colors used between 1945-1974) in real life. As new generations (man that makes me sound old) become more and more vocal on these matters, one sees that people tend to cling to things they saw when they were young. Or better said: still young and unburdened with life's more stressing factors (let's say between 5 and 25 years of age).

      As such, I always try to find an objective opinion. I know that's contradictory, but bear with me. If a person judges a color scheme favorably because that color scheme was used in a period of his/her life of which they think fondly of, then that opinion is flawed. That person is no longer judging the colorscheme on its own merits, but by the association that person has with that colorscheme. Which is, from an "academic" point of view, irrelevant. Am I innocent? No. From time to time I catch myself thinking fondly of some music, movies or these kind of things only because it reminds me of a less complicated time. But that in itself is a lie. Less complicated? Dare to ask that person back then if he/she considered that time "less complicated". You may judge it so, but that is because of comparison with your current standards. The younger you would probably scoff and tell you that "grownups" or old people tend to remember the good stuff, but even more tend to forget the bad stuff. Not the traumatic stuff, but the daily grind of annoyances, anxieties, fears, possible boredom or unhappiness and uncertainty.

      So that's the philosphical rant of the day. But now to more important stuff? Which is best? The TEE-staple or the Souris Gris (Grauer Maus)? I for myself am a true sucker for any TEE-themed vehicle. You could paint a steam locomotive in that scheme and I would probably buy it. The Grey Mouse however, although very interesting and true asset to this model, doesn't curry the same favor with me. Why? Because it reminds me to much on what was happening back then. Changing of the guard. New projects, new colors and the abandonement of what I considered a truly graceful and elegant concept.

      As such, I'm (yet again) guilty of the exact thing I just labeled as "flawed". Judging by association. What would I've said if the Gottardo was launched with this scheme and later became part of the TEE-family?

      Disclaimer: this post is not meant as a kickstart to a heated discussion about colorschemes. I just examined my own opinion on the matter and reflected in a rather elaborate way.