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    • melectros "Snickarbod [SWE]" = Bastelstube

      Ich starte hier ein Thema mit dem Inhalt meiner Arbeit, (die Fähre Stena Line). Ich werde weiterhin in English schreiben, aber Sie können gern in Deutsch antworten. Ich verstehe beide sprachen, aber ich finde English is einfacher im Schrift.

      I've been modelling for a couple of months with the Stena Ferry. While working I'm also learning, and yes I'm a newbie with Blender. My intension is to create a one mission campaign with a map of the west coast of Sweden including north of Denmark. The map is almost finished, and on this map there will be a fishing boat to collect fish and a passenger ferry to be used between Denmark and Sweden.

      So let's get to work...

      I have often got trouble with surfaces in Blender. When I need to insert new faces or make changes on the mesh I get different colours on the faces. These colors are showing through the texture when the object is visible in the game, please note *1 in Blender screen shot below.
      • Can someone explain how I can get a specific color and fix these details? (Texture painting in Blender is not working)

      I got the comment from (MaikC) that this mod should be sufficient with 2-3 lods. I have more then 10 lods (children) to get this ferry and here are some of them: Ships hull, loading ramp (animation), radar (animation), 4 pcs lifeboat (linked obj), speedboat, 10 pcs life boat cranes (linked), chimney, window.

      • What is the limitation (amount of lod) for good practice to use in one object?
      • What is the best selection between,
        • many lods with small sized texture maps or,
        • few lods with big texture map?
      In my project I have selected the image size of 4096 x 2048 for the ship hull and it is almost to small. The other details are using 512 x 512 up to 1024 x 1024.


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    • melectro wrote:

      I got the comment from (MaikC) that this mod should be sufficient with 2-3 lods. I have more then 10 lods (children) to get this ferry and here are some of them: Ships hull, loading ramp (animation), radar (animation), 4 pcs lifeboat (linked obj), speedboat, 10 pcs life boat cranes (linked), chimney, window.
      You misunderstood the meaning of LoD (Level of Details). What you're describing, that's the number of meshes. There is no limitation in the number of meshes, but mostly less is better.

      LoD means, that you have different meshes of the same thing, one with a lot of Tris, one with almost no Tris and perhaps one in the middle. For example, your lifeboat hat a huge number of Tris (I think it is around 1000, Blender can count it correctly). So the whole ship will have as far as I see about 50'000 Tris. This huge number will need a lot a graphic power. If you're close to the ship and want to see all the details, thats still a big number, but it's okay, but when you have zoomed out, there is no need for 1000 Tris because of a lifeboat. Then a lifeboat will look the same it if has about 30 Tris. But 30 Tris needs less graphic power.

      So LoDs mean, that when you're close, the game is showing the 1000 Tris Lifeboat, but when you're far away, it only shows the 30 Tris Lifeboat.

      The different LoDs are called "children" inside the .mdl, and inside every children, there can be a mostly unlimited number of meshes.

      By the way, your ship looks quite nice.
    • You have guessed very good. The ferry has 59 000 tris and the lifeboat 3500 tris. As the ferry will travel mostly on the sea (alone) and not in a city center I think this huge object will probably work on even slower computers, though I have a pretty powerful system.
      In the mdl file I will use the parameter visible (from /to) to reduce the load for the graphic card. At far distance I will disable the smaller details and that can be done easily with the configuration I have right now.

      But still there is a "bad" color on some parts of the ship. The biggest visible area is seen on the lifeboat as shown in the first image. Do you have an idea to solve this?
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    • i don't know about the mesh maybe for the level thats far away use a new (very simple mesh) no lifeboats no interior no details. From afar a tris count for LOd3 (or whatever detail level the last one will be) a tris count from max 1000 should be enogh.

      For the textures i would defenetly put some more work in (use seamless textures for some parts of your ship) if you do not feel coftable making own seamless textures reuse the ones from vanilla. (the seamless textures from MS Graf Zeppelin).

      I think you defenetly gave yourself quite a chalange. I wish you the best of luck and will look forward to your work. :)
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    • I had a very similiar problem, for me it either was an error with the AO texture (think of its "neutral" color around 127) or the Normalmap (which also has its neutral colors around 127).

      If you diverge from this values, you may get unwanted artifactes like wrong shadow calculation or darker/brighter faces depending on their alignment.
    • jo_vink wrote:

      I think that it should be the faces a flipped
      Read this link I think it should help
      Thank you!

      I did following:
      Edit mode, A and then ctrl+N clicking twice on the "Make Normals Consistent / Inside", solved my issue with wrong color.
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    • Hello again

      After a couples of hours I have fixed almost all texture errors, but there is one place that will not make the change to the better. These darker/brighter areas are also showing through the texture in the game.

      An area is filled with slightly darker faces. I have tried to delete only the faces and secondly also the edges to fill this area with one ngon, seen in image 1. The ngon has one color but after triangulating faces the sub faces do not have the same color any longer.

      It seems that Blender is copying the color of the nearby face (outside the ngon). I have also tried to refill these areas but they will always be filled with the same color as before.

      How can these solid face colors be forced into the same intensity?
      (This is probably what WiZz4Rd wrote, but I don't find the way in Blender.)

      image 1, ngon/ image 2, triangulated faces
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    • Hello,

      You can check the direction of the normal of a face by displaying the normals in edit mode (cf screenshot). The small blue lines represent in which direction is the normal of each faces.

      If you have a normal in the wrong direction, just select the incorrect face(s), mesh > normals > flips normals.
      • blender_normal.JPG

        539.18 kB, 1,920×1,080, viewed 306 times
    • Progress report:

      I'm continuing with animations and I have now a working door opening in Blender. The Delta rotation is configured to turn around the y axis, but in the game and model viewer
      • the loading ramp is turning around the X axis
      • and the fence on the loading ramp turns around the Z axis!
      These both meshes are configured in one animation. I have tested two calls, open_all_doors and open left_door, it makes no difference on door opening.
      For information I have a second animation that is working 100% and it is a forever turning radar animation in Z axis.

      Please help, I'm so confused.

      Cut from the mdl. file
      events = {
      close_doors_left = {
      [14] = {
      forward = false,
      name = "Fence_rampAction",
      [21] = {
      forward = false,
      name = "LastrampAction",
      forever = {
      [18] = {
      forward = true,
      name = "FrontMast",
      [30] = {
      forward = false,
      name = "RadarsmallAction",
      open_doors_left = {
      [14] = {
      forward = true,
      name = "Fence_rampAction",
      [21] = {
      forward = true,
      name = "LastrampAction",

      Cut from one of the faulty msh files:
      Fence_rampAction = {
      params = {
      keyframes = {
      rot = { 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, },
      time = 0.0,
      transl = { 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, },
      }, {
      rot = { 0.0, -90.0, 0.0, },
      time = 14400.0,
      transl = { 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, },
      origin = { 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, },
      type = "KEYFRAME",

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    • For me it looks like a bug in your converter tool or blender.

      The axis names are problematic, because TPF doesn't use any and every 3D tool has their own convention.
      the first one in the files points in the travel direction, "front"
      the second goes upwards
      and the third is the one which goes to the left.

      As the game rotates everything on those axis, you have to use the third one to achiev your goal.
    • Here is a small sample of my work, done today. There is still a huge part to create, for instance turning the lod 180° outside the harbour before arrival.

      Right know I have discovered that the Bounding box parameter do not have any effect on the ship position in the harbour when I manually edit the values.

      boundingInfo = {
      bbMax = { 55.0, 13.0, 31.0, },
      bbMin = { -100.0, -13.0, -5.0, },

      Both 13.0 meters are changed to +-18.0 but the ship is still smashing on the same place into the harbour....

      More to come....
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    • Is it possible to make an animation on a ramp located in the harbour like "open doors" event and it should be triggered by a signal when a ship has arrived to the harbour? The same signal should then activate the "door closing" event when the ship is ready to depart.
      Normally this triggering is done on the vehicle (in my case the Stena Ferry), but can this be made for a static mod?
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    • After a long trip to China I'm back in business and my work is continuing.
      Now I have implemented two lods with reduced number of tris. I would appreciate to get comment from pro modders that can condemn or approve my work in following question.

      The Stena Ferry has got totally 42k tris, and a summary of the objects can be seen in the list below
      I have manually counted the sum for the lods and this is what I got:

      Lod 0, 0-300m575615813436081
      Lod 1, 300-800m313080864877
      Lod 2, 800 - 2500m72217861038

      Am I working on the right path or is this to "heavy" for some computers? Do I have to reduce some parts even more?

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