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    • Mod config editor

      Hey guys.

      Some of you may know my little tool called Config Editor, which helps people to edit various game config parameters.
      I've happened to have another idea which is similar to this one, but this time i don't want to limit anything to just TpF configs. I want to be able to edit mod configs too. Obviously, it won't be a good idea to hardcode anything, so i was thinking that i should allow mod creators to put some sort of definitions in a specific format to their mods which i can read and generate GUI based on that.

      It goes like this:
      1. If a modder wants user to be able to edit some mod params, he creates a definition file (a very early draft of it can be found here).
      2. Then he just adds it to his mod under a specific name (like cfg-definitions.json) and publish the mod here or on steam, etc.
      3. User downloads the mod (or subscribes to it on steam) and runs my tool.
      4. My tool looks for all installed mods and checks if there are definitions available. Based on that it creates a GUI (similar to TFCE one) for all mods with definitions.

      The question is - should i really try to write such tool? Do we need one?
      It's not really about users, because i'm pretty sure that many users would love to be able to edit various mod params with an easy and convenient interface. That's a question to modders, since they must put some effort into this by writing definitions for my tool.

      Some (obviously not all) modders with mods that can benefit from such tool:
      @Atomic Dad

      I'd like to hear what you think. Thanks.
    • Hey there,
      This is a great idea. Anyways it sounds similar to the mod Settings Script by Merk when used with the TPFMM by Xanos.
      Have a look at the Lexicon:…ry/217-Settings-for-Mods/

      If you want to provide more features than the Settings Script currently does, you should better extend the Settings interface instead of creating a new one from scratch.
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