Skiwee Schüler

  • Männlich
  • aus Netherlands
  • Mitglied seit 21. September 2014

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  • cuadraditos -

    Hi Skiwee, I want to repaint your NS 6400 into Renfe 311, I know this is not the real model of that train but fix perfect. Can I repaint that?

  • AJones86 -

    I like your AK Carriage Mod and the DL Mod as being a Rail Fan here in NZ it is remarkable that your mods are well done... Any plans for any other NZ Mods?

    • Skiwee -

      Thank you very much :) I'm currently working on NZ train stations (have Christchurch blocked out and considering Dunedin, Arthur's Pass & Wellington) but still need to figure out whats possible with the game mechanics. As for future mods I've always had the dairy industry and more rolling-stock in mind.

    • AJones86 -

      If you need any photos or any information for any of your NZ mods, send me a message, and i can see what i can do for getting you the information. Looking forward to your future projects!

  • nitroline -

    hi Permission to repaint your train please