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  • finne -

    Hi MaikC, I used your fixes for the VRIM models in Transport Fever to impove a Transport Fever VRIM conversion on Steam. Hope that's OK?

    • MaikC -

      The question comes a bit late, but of course you can do that ;)

  • L680C -

    Hi sir, I recently made some repaints base on your F40PH mod, could you give me the permission to post it on Workshop? Thank you.

    • MaikC -

      Hi L680C, aready asked me via PM. ;) You can write me a PM for details and the paint-template.

    • L680C -

      Hi Maik, thanks for the reply. Could we talk in Steam since I am not quite familiar with this forum. Thank you.

  • Hannibal -

    noch recht herzlichen Dank, bis jetzt läuft es!

  • darkeloookle -

    Do you have a Steam account? Are you planning on transferring your Train Fever mods to Transport Fever?

  • Clom -

    Wollte mich hier nochmal für deine Hilfe bedanken. Dank deiner gestrigen Anmerkungen bin ich gut weitergekommen. :)

    • MaikC -

      Immer gern. Freut mich das du dank meiner Anregung die Lok ingame bekommen hast.

  • Angry_CJ -

    Wo hast du den Bahnhof her vom TPF Screen ? Is ja hammer das teil :D

  • MaikC -

    Hi Bocaan, sure you can use our package just give us (the original authors) some credits in your DLC ;)

  • Bocaan -

    hi there im not sure if you speak english but anyway i used one of your mods the A4.AIO_1 as they are to be apart of the english trains mod so i am asking for permission to use it and to give you credit for the hard work you put into the job :)