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  • Mitglied seit 24. Februar 2017

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  • Nordwestexpress -

    Really good mods that you make... ;)

    • hugedragonyk -

      Thank you for your support. :P

  • Leidenschafts Dampfer -

    Hey hugedragonyk, can you tell me wich trackmod are you using on the preview picture of your CRH380A EMU?

  • NickolasUkraine -

    Hi, I found that I have an trouble with Steyr truck mod that you did it as mistake I caught:
    Trailer not attached to truck. (dump truck, crane etc.)
    The most largest one the center is not built pretty well.
    Front wheels poorly made to steer/Insanely turning front whells. (dump truck etc.)

    • hugedragonyk -

      Well, thank you for your feedback. I'll update the version.
      Recently, Is making the fire department series and the helicopter series .
      When helicopter series complete,I will continue to deal with Steyr 6X4 series, 8X4 series will be updated together..

  • Dieter-65 -

    Hi, is it possible, to built the Steyr-Truck and the crane as standalone assets ? Better as driveable trucks.
    (excuse my bad english) Thanks for answere.

    • hugedragonyk -

      Just back from the trip.
      Yes, a asset of crane lifting scene will be made later.

    • Dieter-65 -


  • Bluefire02 -

    Dude, you're awesome!