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  • CurlyBlonde -

    Hello, sorry to bother, I am trying to "repaint" the Mercedes car in the Taxi mod you've made, using Blender with the mdl import Plug-In , however I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the UV mapping on the car , I'm not sure what program or which method you've used to UV unwrap the car, although i've managed to get a more usuable UV map with blender's Smart UV Project , and I can make a decent realistic looking texture for the car with it , but now the car and it's parts have a different UV than the one in your mod so I can't just apply the texture to it. Anyways , could you please help me out ? I want to use this car for personal as it has nice details to it and I'd like to have a nice Mercedes in game :)

    • hugedragonyk -

      I generally use Photoshop + NV-plugin to handle DDS textures, and use 3DSMAX load DDS file, then complete the textue and direct output model.
      This processing is more convenient and quicker than exporting UV maps individually. So you can't find the right position of the car body texture in the BLENDER software.
      You can send your Mercedes car picture to my mailbox: [email protected], I'll help you to modify the picture and output DDS file.

    • CurlyBlonde -

      Thanks for your reply, I've sent an email with the mesh files and objects that I've worked on so far, along with the texture, but the email did no go thru as gmail said the adress cannot be found .

      DNS Error: 106244 DNS type 'mx' lookup of responded with code NXDOMAIN Domain name not found:

      Perhaps I dont know how to send emails to that adress/domain ? :-/

      I have my skype in my profile if that helps

    • hugedragonyk -

      My other mailbox:
      [email protected]

  • Nordwestexpress -

    Really good mods that you make... ;)

    • hugedragonyk -

      Thank you for your support. :P

  • Leidenschafts Dampfer -

    Hey hugedragonyk, can you tell me wich trackmod are you using on the preview picture of your CRH380A EMU?

  • NickolasUkraine -

    Hi, I found that I have an trouble with Steyr truck mod that you did it as mistake I caught:
    Trailer not attached to truck. (dump truck, crane etc.)
    The most largest one the center is not built pretty well.
    Front wheels poorly made to steer/Insanely turning front whells. (dump truck etc.)

    • hugedragonyk -

      Well, thank you for your feedback. I'll update the version.
      Recently, Is making the fire department series and the helicopter series .
      When helicopter series complete,I will continue to deal with Steyr 6X4 series, 8X4 series will be updated together..

  • Dieter-65 -

    Hi, is it possible, to built the Steyr-Truck and the crane as standalone assets ? Better as driveable trucks.
    (excuse my bad english) Thanks for answere.

    • hugedragonyk -

      Just back from the trip.
      Yes, a asset of crane lifting scene will be made later.

    • Dieter-65 -


  • Bluefire02 -

    Dude, you're awesome!