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  • TheMasterNerd -

    I've been using your class 455 EMU on a commuter line lately and I've noticed you can see through the textures on the other side of the train when looking through the windows. I think this is caused by the interior not being textured. Please could you try and fix this but overall you've made some great trains. Keep up the good work.

    • velvetmafia -

      Sorry for the late reply, I mainly use the workshop for publishing so don't come on here regularly, it is a fact of a *missing* interior, which will be added with the next patch

    • TheMasterNerd -

      The interior is fine, but when you look at the doors its the same problem from before, also on the new BR livery you added, which I love by the way, the middle two carriages have a different color of white. Looking forward to seeing what you do next, keep it up!.