Information on the reporting function / auxiliary moderation

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Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • Last modification: 27.09.2018

    Information on the reporting function
    This forum has become very large over the years. Therefore, the team cannot guarantee to directly notice and act on any problems that arise. If users find a rule violation in the forum, gallery or webdisk, they can use the report function:

    What are the requirements for a report?

    • A reason. You should report to

      • absolutely pointless contributions (offtopic, spam)
      • miserable spelling
      • (suspected) rule violation (see forum rules)
      • (suspected) copyright infringement
      • Entry in the wrong forum (also applies to the Webdisk categories)
      • insults
      • (suspicion of) wrong moderate action of a team member

      No reason for a message is

      • the desire to check the content or language of your own contribution
      • a question of content on the subject
      • one's own displeasure with content that complies with the rules
      • a support request for the game
    • An explanation. After pressing the-button a window opens in which a reason can be given. Please explain briefly the facts so that the moderator can find his way around more quickly.
    • Patience. Moderators are not always on hand immediately. After submitting the message, it may take some time for a moderator to see it and react. Unauthorized action is regarded as auxiliary moderation. See below for more information.

    What is an auxiliary moderation?
    In connection with the message function, questions on the topic of help moderation arise time and again. That's why we want to go into this a little bit in the following:

    [lline] Short and sweet
    By auxiliary moderation we understand the public reprimand of other users regarding the forum rules. So be it with:

    • double posts
    • Spelling/Grammar
    • deficient topic titles
    • Copyright infringements (image embedding,...)
    • incomplete modrequests
    • other breaches of the forum rules.

    In particular, public accusations and hostility are not tolerated!

    More detailed explanation
    If you point out another topic to new users, in which your request has already been answered, or tell them that their formulation is difficult to understand and therefore you cannot help, it is not a help moderation.
    However, if you reply to publicly point out breaches of the forum rules, we will punish it as an auxiliary moderation. For such purposes, there is the reporting function. Report the corresponding content (post, picture, web disc entry,...), then a member of the forum team will take care of it. If a report turns out to be unfounded, we won't tear your head off ;)

    After a message the forum team will first discuss and then act. Therefore it can happen that effects are not immediately visible to the outside world. This in no way justifies acting on one's own authority. If someone should not wait after a message itself but post something offensively, this No-Go is classified by us likewise as serious auxiliary moderation and punished.

    Incomplete modrequests
    The problem of incomplete modrequests occurs again and again. Here again, we ask you not only to post the link to the detailed instructions, but also to provide help on what can be improved. Otherwise, this can also be seen as auxiliary moderation.