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  • Stand: 28.08.2018

    The form for creating or editing a filebase entry includes several setting options, which are divided into different sections. These sections are briefly described below:

    General information
    In the header area, the title and suitable tags are specified under General. Tags make it easier for users to find related entries. Examples would beEuropean,USA,Amtrak,British orheritage.


    Besides the creator of the entry, other users or persons can be registered as contributors. It does not matter whether you have an account on or not. Users with their own account can, however, use the buttonmay edit to edit the web disc entry, e.g. to upload an update or to improve errors in the description. The Contributor section can only be changed by the creator. In addition, the roles for the development of the mod can be selected for each contributor. This means that users know immediately who contributed which part to the mod.

    If the entry is not yet to be published generally in a beta phase, access to individual users can be restricted. To do this, activate the checkboxMake this entry accessible only to certain persons and enter the user name for participants. Password protection for entries no longer exists.

    Here the actual mod files are uploaded. The following file extensions are allowed:
    gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, zip, txt, pdf, rar, tar.gz, tgz, 7z, tar and gz
    It is recommended to upload only the actual mods aszip orrar, since other archive types cannot be opened by all users. If possible, images should be uploaded as attachments or thumbnails in the Description section. If external sources are to be linked, the "External linking" button must be used. Please note the rules regarding external file hosters!
    In order for the TPFMM to install the mod correctly, the file name must not contain any dots. This means that is incorrect, for example. It is better to use underscores:[/info]
    If the mod is also available in the Steam Workshop, you can also enter the workshop ID directly in the Steam Workshop field.

    Preview graphic
    The preview graphic is prominently displayed in the upper right corner of web disc entries. It is also used in a reduced form as a preview image in lists. For models, meaningful preview graphics should include a view of the finished model. For maps, for example, an overview of the map is recommended.

    The size of the graphic in the forum layout is 370 * 250 px.

    Vehicle details
    Technical data is relevant for vehicle models. Therefore, they can be entered here in a uniform form. Fields without an entry are not displayed. This means that fields filled with- are unnecessary... Just let it free!

    Version information

    The version information is not only relevant for the users, but also for the database of the mod manager TPFMM. The current version should be available as a numerical value separated by a dot, e.g.1.0 or2.2. The number before the dot must match the number at the end of the Mod folder name (often a 1). The number after the dot stands for the subversion. This is indicated in the mod.lua as minor version.
    [info=warning]If the version number does not match the data from the mod (folder and mod.lua), the ModManager either never shows updates or wrongly always assumes that an update is available[/info]
    In the changelog field the differences between versions or the changes during updates can be recorded as free text.

    License terms

    The following licenses are available for uploading to the Webdisk:

    • All rights reserved (forum standard) (no transfer)
    • cc-by-nc-nd (Attribution, non-commercial, no changes)
    • cc-by-nc-sa (Attribution, non-commercial, sharing on equal terms)
    • cc-by-nc (Attribution, non-commercial)
    • cc-by-nd (Attribution, no changes)
    • cc-by-sa (Attribution, sharing on equal terms)
    • cc-by (credit)
    • cc0 (no copyright if possible - public domain)

    The CC licenses therefore partially override the Webdisk terms of use, e.g. because they allow uploading (by name) to other websites.

    In this section, users can be given information on how to install the mod. The Required modifications field is particularly important. Here you can link the required mods. There are two ways to do this:

    • Weblinks like or
    • Short syntax like webdisk:1234567 or steam:123456789

    One mod can be specified per line.

    The mod can be described in detail in the description section. The possibilities from conventional forum posts are available for this purpose. The button is particularly relevant for foreign-language translations. It can be used to generate collapsible containers for languages:

    [lang=en]An example container[/lang][lang=en]An example container[/lang]

    [info=error]The excessive or disproportionate use of colors and font sizes should be avoided[/info]

    [info=info]For users from the VIP upload group there may be additional functionalities[/info]