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Willkommen in der Transport Fever Community

Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Registration and use is of course free for you.


We wish you a lot of fun and hope for active participation.

The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • Last modification: 27.09.2018

    For everybody´s convenience please stick to the following rules in this forum. Here are the general rules, these are also applied to TS/Discord to the appropriate extent. The German original version is decisive. Please also note the information on the individual forum areas.

    • The common language in this forum is German. Alternatively, you can also write in English. Topics or contributions can also be written in another language, but in the case of mixed-language topics, a translation into German or English should be included.
      Posts in the forum are non-volatile and should be understandable. Therefore, keep to the respective spelling in your contributions and comments. In particular, do not renounce dots and commas or upper and lower case out of laziness, etc. You can rework posts to fix bugs. You can find more information about spellcheckers here.
    • Please note the rules and the pinned threads as well as announcements in each forum. As a general rule: Read first, then post.
    • The search function is not an ornament. Please use them to check if such a topic already exists before creating a new thread.
    • Please use meaningful titles for your threads. Titles like "I have a question" or "Problem!!!!" do nobody any harm and damage the overview. The contributions themselves should contain a meaningful portion of text and should not consist only of smileys or pictures. Posting two consecutive posts in one thread in a shorter period of time, also known as double postings, is prohibited. Exceptions are updates in the modding area, here the time span is 60 minutes. Pushing of topics is forbidden.
    • If possible, quotations in the forum should be used sparingly. Please do not quote a complete article and shorten the quotes as much as possible. Often it is enough to mention another user to refer to his contribution. The team reserves the right to shorten quotations that are too long.
    • Embedding images that are not hosted on, i.e. externally, via the "Image" tag is prohibited.
      Other hosted images must be linked. This also includes steam or your own web space. Own pictures should therefore always be uploaded as attachments.
      The use of the[img]http://...[/img] embedding is only allowed for embeddings within For external images a link[url]http://...[/url] must be used.
    • Links to downloads are allowed. However, the programs must be 100% legal! However, tools and modifications created by you belong in the download area. Links to file hosters or pages that copy against legal regulations or our content are prohibited.
    • Surveys should be created as directly as possible in the corresponding topics.
    • Insults or flame postings are prohibited. Please settle disputes among each other by PN. If no agreement or clarification can be reached, please contact a moderator or administrator. Insults and personal attacks are not allowed even in PN's! Avoid queuing:"!!!!" and"????" is regarded as shouting or aggression. Provocations of any kind can be punished.
    • Pornographic material: the protection of minors applies in this forum. The publication of offensive or pornographic material is prohibited.
    • Offtopic- / Troll- and Spampostings are not allowed.
    • This forum is not a hacker board. The posting of so-called referrer links, which can be traced back to a certain person and through which these benefits such as non-cash benefits (example partner programs), points (example Thief Games) and the like, as well as links that refer to illegal content, are prohibited. The posting or linking of virulent code or similar malicious code is strictly prohibited and results in an immediate block.
    • Users who only log in to create an advertising topic, or only log in to advertise or receive support via PN will be deleted without any comments. Advertising threads to private homepages / communities as well as general advertising are only possible after consultation with an administrator.
    • The chosen usernames should be short and understandable. Nicks such as "I am now a member" or "123123" do no good to anyone and are deleted without comment. The forum team reserves the right to prohibit offensive, violent or otherwise critical user names.
    • Members who have not activated their account within 7 days after registration will be deleted, but can log in again if desired. Members who have not posted and have not logged in for a month will be reminded by email. If you have not logged in after another 2 weeks, you have to expect that this account will be deleted. A new registration is possible at any time.
      Why we delete users: We want to keep the database clean and clear. Only a clean database allows a fast and trouble-free operation of this community.
    • Double/multiple accounts are prohibited. This prevents, among other things, that users can avoid warnings/sanctions, achieve a possible advantage in polls, surveys, possible competitions, etc., post their own topics in the ranking, and burden the forum with unnecessary data material. Affected accounts will be blocked/deleted.
    • In order to avoid signatures hinder the reading flow in the forum and to avoid long loading times and high traffic, advertising banners / graphics in the signature may be a maximum of 500 pixels wide and 100 pixels high. The signature must also be kept short. Even in text form, at a normal zoom level and a screen resolution of 1920:1080 pixels, it should not exceed 150 pixels in height.

    [info=error]disclaimer of liability
    The forum team is NOT responsible for files and contents of the forums, galleries and webdisk. In particular, no liability is assumed for the correctness of statements by members.[/info][info=warning] Instructions of the moderators and administrators must be followed. The forum team reserves the right to remove content that violates the rules. The team will also impose sanctions or suspensions depending on the seriousness of the violation.[/info]

    <-- Any more questions? Contact a team member via PM / E-Mail