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    This area contains the requests of users who would like to have their favourite vehicle or object in the game. In order for such a request to be successful, there are other things to consider in addition to the rules for the mod request area.

    These will also be explained in the following using examples. Among other things, a silo wagon for agricultural products is being requested. Positive examples are highlighted in green, negative examples in red.

    Inspire others for your wish

    I wish for silo wagons

    Everyone has different interests. The modders also have their own preferences. That is why it makes sense for you to justify why this particular request should be implemented. Is it a gap in the current range of vehicles? Does it support an industrial model with suitable vehicles? Are they suitable wagons for an existing locomotive? Are small details refining a Schönbau world?

    Grain silo wagons are not only used in one country, but in many European nations. They offer the possibility to support different industry mods. Since they are closed, the animation of the load is not necessary, so effort is saved. Since many railway companies have wagons of this type, several repaints can be created.

    Make your wish as clear as possible

    I wish for French grain silo wagons

    A request "I wish for a silo wagon" or "Can anyone mod a Zurich tram?" is no specific request. It is important that a wish refers to a specific model or object. Then the modders know what they are really asking for and everything is more manageable. Less is more" also applies. Modder have also only limited capacities, therefore one should limit oneself to concrete models in which one has an increased interest.

    The family of grain silo wagons includes the genus Tagnpps. These are four-axle bogie wagons with a large body and hoppers on the underside.

    Provide technical data and dimensional drawings
    Information, data and drawings are essential to support the modder. Sources can be websites, textbooks, journals, own photos and e.g. paper documents:

    • meaningful title: The topic headline should already make it clear what it is.
    • technical data: Without it, a vehicle will never drive in TF/TPF. So it would be good to pick something out a little. This is often exhausting - especially with older vehicles it is very difficult to find information about it. If necessary one must improvise and orient oneself at similar building types. If the performance data of a state railway express locomotive cannot be found, the data of the Bavarian S3/6 can be used as a guide. This may not be 100% correct, but the values can still be readjusted.
    • photos: Pictures of the model are necessary, so that one has a realistic paint variant, in order to recognize details better, or simply so that one can imagine the vehicle better..... Either you have your own pictures, or you link pictures from the Internet.
    • technical drawings: Technical drawings with length specifications are required to create an accurate model. Many of these drawings can be found on the Internet or in reference books. If you can't find any plans, it's unlikely the modder will take the time to look for them.

    Is your wish realizable?

    I wish for tram tracks on the inner side of a road.

    Of course it becomes more problematic with mod wishes of a technical nature. Unfortunately" most wishes fail here, since many things are difficult or even impossible to implement due to technical "modifiability". Of course, the majority of TF players "cannot" know what is possible and what is not. That is why it is important that you describe your wish in concrete terms.

    So far the game has only roads where the tracks are on the outer lane. In the model, however, there is often the case that the tram tracks are in the middle of the street. Can you put that into the game?

    Is there already your wish?
    Things have often been asked for. So please invest a few minutes and look for it. If you don't succeed with forum search, you can also search via Google, often you will find search results in our forum.
    On the one hand, this avoids possible "double wishes", or even finds one's wish. On the other hand, it may be possible to make a better assessment of what is possible and what is not. Tram tracks on the inner side of a road e.g. not.

    A wish is not a "demand"

    I want a grain silo wagon!

    Above all, of course, the "tone" or the formulation makes a big difference. Watch your language and be polite.
    If the whole thing is still packed in one or two parts, one cannot necessarily assume that a particular wish is taken "seriously".
    If you can help with parts of the mod, then say that.

    I would be happy if someone could move the grain silo wagons of the genus Tagnpps. All necessary information can be found below: [...]
    I can't model myself, but I can try to help with the texture

    Patience you must have, young Padawan

    When will someone finally build my grain silo wagons!

    Pushing requests is undesirable in two ways:

    • You violate the forum rules!
    • Potential modders feel pressured by impatience.

    Be patient, maybe someone will implement your request sometime. If you can't stand it, just try modding it yourself.

    Enjoy what you can get
    This also applies to compromise solutions/proposals. Not all wishes can really be implemented 1:1.
    Whether for technical reasons, because the modder prefers own variations, or there are already "similar" mods, etc..

    Nobody is/will be obligated

    Merk: When are you finally building the ICE2?

    Don't forget that everyone is here just for the fun of it, and also and above all free and selflessly offer your "services", help and mods. :)
    Anyone who is impertinent towards other users must expect sanctions.

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