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  • Some are good! I think we could extrapolate the "idle" sound and tweak it so that it goes up as the engine accelerates ;)
    The thing is that I don't know how to do that yet.
    After I've finished the 3D model (once and for all) I'll start working on the ETR 200, the fastest train of the world in 1939 8o

  • So the FS ALe 660 model should be ready, I transformed all ngons in tris, I made at least the LOD0 and LOD1 and I hope I made them correctly. Can I share the model here? At least for the first models, I'd like to share them here so if anyone is interested in texturing can help.
    Thank you very much ;)

    Also, since it's my first vehicle I made, there might be some quality drops here and there 8|

  • Well since there is no response I'll share it now anyway. Tell me what you think and modify it as you please, I'll use the experience gained to make better models! ;)
    The reference photo is a separate link as the .rar file would be too big. Also I'm not sure if this is ok with the rules here, if not then I'll delete the post immidiatly.

  • Oh well... I've seen mods done by multiple modders (one for 3D mesh, one for textures etc.) just like your latest work (great job BTW, love it!): so you are basically saying that I should contact someone privately and make the mod together as a shared project.
    My intent instead was to create a hub where modders can participate and share their progress. Then, if someone's work should become unsustainable, then it could leave his/her legacy here for someone else who will finish the job.
    Maybe I should open another thread just for this idea! :D I will explain more this concept later, when it will be polished enough.

    About the photo, I think you are correct, in that case, I shall change it with the link to the image, it's free to download from the official archive.

  • A couple of updates:
    University is getting more difficult and I had zero time to work on the 3D models, also I have theatrical hobbies so this is a busy period for me.
    In the near future I'll have a bit more time to work on this project, so here's a question: do I continue to work on the models or should I start learning how to use GIMP and to texture properly? The first will give me (and you!) more 3D models to work on, the latter will somewhat get us closer to at least one finished product (Ale 660 & co.).
    Let me hear what you think and have a nice day! :)

  • I think you should do what you prefer. :) You are a very talented 3D-modeler. It would be a shame if your models could never be finished, but I fear it's hard to find someone who does this for you.

    So, just try to get used with mapping and GIMP, and if you're not successful, you could maybe find a partner so you can make projects "together" - you build the models and your partner brings it ingame. We already have someone who does it this way @Licaon.

    But just try to motivate yourself (wouldn't it be nice to see my models in colour?), because this is the key of every modder. ^^

  • Hello! It is time for some news! I've been doing some progress but unfortunately my PC decided to break. It's a normal kind of malfunction and I hope to recover the data. Thanksfully at least a bit of the Ale 660 model is here on the site. As the release of TF2 is nearing, I think it's better to build more 3D models and learn how to texture (as soon as I'll fix my PC/buy another PC) thank to learn how to code the damn thing in-game.
    Meanwhile this seems the perfect opportunity to upgrade my hardware, hope to see you soon with a new flaming machine!

  • Yes I am. I found a solution for the problem that was discussed here. Stay tuned!

    The E464 will get two more liveries: Vivalto and the new IC.

    At next I will convert the MDVC and build the MDVE. But as I am still working on other mods, this will happen v e r y s l o w l y, but steadily. ;)

  • Wow! This is truly amazing! Also, while I'm here, I'll give some updates!

    1. I've tested the new PC extensively and it's fine! I'm curious what's the performance difference between TF1 and TF2.🤔

    2. I had to wait for the laboratory to recover my data, but now the Ale 660 it's back!

    3. I wanted to give some polish to the model and to work on some LODs (at least 1, I want my PC not to burn itself) before working on the textures (which is still a hassle).

    4. I'm still trying to contact Trenitalia for (somewhat) official liveries to go with the models...

    5. I'm studying for my exams right now, so expect more activity in 3 weeks time. ;)

    6. About your work, DomTrain, I am so thankful, it's one of the best news I've got lately! You need to tell me how it works! Also I can share my models for the catenary poles (according to a blueprint I've downloaded).

    See you soon!:)

  • Oh, you have created catenary poles too? I'm really sorry, I might have overseen that. I don't need any more models and blueprints. For the high-speed track I have planned to create the lattice-poles and for 3+ tracks I will create a portal "traliccio" which is not as pretty as the multi-track arms, but it will work fine ingame.

    The catenary will be released soon, but as I am still converting my mods, the Navetta-Set will take about until autumn. My Excel-sheet with all projects listed says that I will have full time for the FS-trains from August onwards. Sorry that it won't go any faster for now. X/

  • Well, no problem! I've had 2 "types" of catenary to do anyway, one more modern and the other was older.

    No problem for the speed of course! I planned to release my Ale660 this winter but with the accident and my university (which is tougher than I've thought) I guess it will be released this spring.

    Once I've refined the techniques to model and texturing I hope to be a bit faster...;)