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  • If you want to use the blue/white one, use the n. 606.

    Xmpr version should be the n. 530

    Sorry for this, it is not so clear in fact. In the future, it will receive an update so it will be more comprensible

  • So, let's make a "map" about actual situation (on tpf2), what we have and what we will get:


    - E428

    - E636, E646, E656

    - E424/E610, E464

    - E444,

    Automotrici elettriche

    - Ale 801/940, Ale 803, Ale 601, Ale 841


    - Euorfimas

    - UIC-X


    - Vivalto

    - Vicinale (piano ribassato)


    - ETR 500

    - ETR 400

    - AGV Italo

    Diesel world:

    - nothing


    - FS Eanos


    - Catenaria type M and type LS

    - Signals

    - Signal box PBA

    What is being worked:

    - Ale 724 - InfinityRibbon (IR)

    - Doppio Piano Casaralta - fimilfinfaon

    - E436 / BB36000 - RaptorArk + GuiGui + fimilfinfaon (RA)

    - ETR 460/480 - Angier

    - F, FF, Hg and L freight cars - Lycaon

    What is in the plan:

    - E626 IR

    - Set Carri Merci RA

    - Corbellini, terrazzini and CentoPorte Set RA

    - More italian infrastructures, including stations and buildings RA

    - D343/345/445 RA

    - Aln 668/663 RA

    - Ale 883/792/882 IR

    - Ale660 + Ale 540 <3IR & RA<3

    This is it, I think i am going for polls to chose what to model, after this list

  • This morning I put the "wish" list, working on this posted by Raptor.

  • Hi everyone.

    Taking into account the list posted by Raptor, with what has been done and what is planned (or already started or yet to be started), I will place what we would miss.

    Certain models can be obtained with simple repaints of models that already exist.

    Other models must be created from scratch, but you could rely on those in 3D already created for the Train Simulator by my friends (with whom I have spoken and who are willing to help us).

    They can be seen on the website:

    A lot has already been done (unthinkable until a few months ago - thank you very much everyone!) Nobody runs after us!

    To give a little completeness to the game, some steam and diesel locomotives, some old diesel railcars and above all passenger cars built between 1910 and 1960 are missing, models that would cover eras even until 1980.

    Dom Train has already made it clear that it intends to create a package of old FS three-phase loco, which can be joined by those in c.c. and they will cover an extraordinary period from 1920 until 1976! In the package there will also be the three-phase catenary, which can be added to the traditional one to the game. It will not be a replacement but more.

    Personally I would suggest (trying to optimize existing models):


    FS Gr. 899 - Simple REPAINT of the Class 89 Prussian T3 of the game;

    FS Gr. 271- Simple REPAINT of the Class 53 Prussian G3 of the game;

    FS Gr. 222 - Model of the KKSTB 47 already made for TF1 by Franzl;

    FS Gr. 729 - Model of the KKSTB 170 already made for TF1 by Franzl;

    FS Gr. 479 - Model of the KKSTB 280/380 already made for TF1 by Franzl;

    FS Gr. 421 - Model of the Preußische G 7.2 und Baureihe 55.7-13 already made for TF1 by Pufferzone / Skyjoe.

    FS Gr. 675 - Prussian P8 model already made for TF1 (Modell der preußischen P8)

    There are also others already "ready", the authors should be heard if they are available and allow these repaints.

    It would be great to have some typically Italian construction machines, such as:

    FS Gr. 875/880 for light trains;

    FS Gr. 740-741-743-940 (with a project of the lower part, 4 loco are made);

    FS Gr. 625 and 640;

    FS Gr. 685;

    FS Gr. 691.

    For all these models, authorization could be sought from the owner of the Il Deposito site, to take advantage of the existing 3D models for TS.


    Taking into account Raptor's announcement that he will make D 343-345-445, I would say that they could be added later:

    FS D 341; FS D 342.

    Even for these models, authorization could be sought from the owner of the Il Deposito site, to take advantage of the existing 3D models for TS.


    A lot of features on FS since the 1920s, some models would be needed:

    FS ALn 556; FS ALn 772; FS ALn 880 and 990; ALn442 / 448 TEE Breda.

    Raptor announced the ALn 668 and ALn 663. Very well!

    For the 668 I recommend making the 1400 series, which would cover from 1960 to 2000: 40 years of play!

    For all these models, authorization could be sought from the owner of the Il Deposito site, to take advantage of the existing 3D models for TS.


    Dom Train seems interested in developing a package of old three-phase locomotives, as already mentioned.

    E 431, E 432 and E 554 are needed to start.

    After that it would be wonderful to be able to have the E 551 and the E 333 as well.

    For all these models, authorization could be sought from the owner of the Il Deposito site, to take advantage of the existing 3D models for TS.

    5 - LOCOMOTORS c.c.

    With the E 626 announced we will be practically in place. Thanks to Raptor Art, Danny has almost everything.

    Rather, Repaints will be needed for some locos such as the E 424, the E 645 of the first series to also have those in the 60/70 era, which are missing.


    Thanks to Raptor we have almost everything.

    I would add the ALe 840, which can also be used in the three-phase package, creating the two-current trailer.


    We have everything, among the modern.

    The Pendolino 460 is coming.

    In my opinion, prestigious ETRs are missing such as:

    FS ETR 250/300 Settebello;

    FS ETR 200/240 Which can be used from the 30s to the 90s.


    Raptor has planned to make important carriages such as the Centoporte, Corbellini and Terrazzini.

    I would add later:

    Type 1921, needed to cover from the 20s to 1985.

    Type 1946 series 33000;

    Type 1959 series 45000.

    They were the most important carriages, they also went abroad and arrived until the late 1980s.

    CIWL carriages, beds and restaurants are missing like bread.

    9 - LUGGAGE

    At least these should be done:

    FS DI 90000 with two axes;

    FS Dz type 1946;

    FS Dz baggage car type X.


    You are spoiled for choice.

    However, both Licaon and Raptor have announced interesting things.

    I am available to everyone.

    I can provide technical data sheets, data and photos.

    Pretty much everything.

    I can act as your intermediary to obtain 3D models.

    The only thing is that in case of free transfer of models, the author asks only that his name be (rightly) mentioned.


    PS I hope I haven't written the wrong things, because I also had to make do with the google translator.

  • I am working on F, FF, Hg and L freight cars. I only have less spare time so it takes a while... :(

    Added :thumbup:

    btw who ever know something that's missing, just post here and I update this list, bringing it up periodically on this topic, while the time flows and we get older and older (and will have wifes/husbands, sons, cousins, neighbours, secret lovers, animals and so on...)

    Mauri stop dreaming, do you have any idea of how much is that?

  • Rocco,

    but did you read correctly what i wrote?

    Yes, it's true. There is a lot of "stuff".

    But you don't have to do everything, I put ideas.

    And above all, in the models indicated by me:

    1) There are many repaints.

    2) Almost all the models can be obtained from 3D models ALREADY EXISTING on the Deposit website.



  • ildeposito models are not something simple to convert.

    We need to adapt them to TPF2, I tried once with the E424 and it was not simple (that is, RaptorArk was faster than me and he made it from scratch).

    Secondly, I only tried to contact one of the authors (Renzo, that is) and he accepted and gave me all the instruments necessary. We may not be so lucky with the rest of the models.

    Third, the models may need some degree of rework; some are good but others (especially the earliest) are obsolete (even some textures could have a bit of a love tap here and there)

    Fourth, now that my knowledge has improved I may even say that the raw models (meshes) are like 1/5 of the work needed for a mod.

    Fifth, I'm not excluding the idea, I only want to clerify that it's not easy.

    For more info on how to convert a train simulator model into a mesh I could even write an article about it in the lexicon.

    Edit: DomTrain I'd be really interested in knowing your strategy to make trifase cables, PM me if you want

  • Yeah, important update to those UIC-X. If you are encountering problems, please re activate the mod from steam or just download the base set from our forum. I've added flashing rear lights to the first series and fixed chassis rear lights to the others.

    The train will also, automatically, put those rear lights on only on the last wagon of the composition.

    That means .mdl modifications, as long as new meshes for it. That's why it could not work... but I hope it works :evil: