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  • Hello there.

    I'd like to present my mod, which is a result of my dissatisfaction with how the vanilla game plays. I called it "Extended Gameplay and Immersion" because, well, those are my goals. After getting a ton of modded vehicles it also became true that the game became progressively more imbalanced. So I decided to change it.

    It is not the first one for me - I already did a balance mod for Train Fever and made one for Transport Fever at the release. Howeve, this one is much more then pushing some vehicle stats around, as it also polishes the game to be more accessible. I used vanilla assets whenever possible and modified some to achieve my goals. Since I almost only play with trains - that is the focus of this mod.

    So far the features are:

    1. Complete rebalance of the freight cars in both US and EU themes.

    I added 144 more freight cars, creating 12 generations of freight cars for each theme. Essentially, if you start at the year 1850, then from 1859 you are going to get an upgraded train car every three years. Up to year 1982. The goal of this was to make the transition from each genration to be as smooth as possible and to give the player an incentive to upgrade existing lines.

    What is more important tho, is that I introduced a new running cost scheme which _massively_ reduces running costs of early freight cars. The vanilla game is structured in a way that the first generation of freight cars are massively more expensive per capacity then later freight cars. IN effect - it is very hard to get a reliable freight operations in the early game.

    EGI makes freight cars come in easily digestable bits, which cost much less to set up in the early game, so starting out with freight is possible even with the D 1/3 locomotive only.

    Freight trains are now also much slower - giving point to the existance of slower locomotives ( like E94 ).

    2. Tweaks to other rail vehicles.

    Whenever sensible I made adjustments to existing vehicles ( changing power / introduction date etc ) to make the generational improvements less drastic. This is most visible in the US theme, where you suddenly get vehicles with triple the power of the previous locomotives. There are also inconsistencies in the EU scenario, where you get locomotives capable of 140km/h and no carriages to run them at. There is just one minor exception to that.

    3. Immersion changes.

    I made quite a few minor tweaks to the game which improve the game experience. All tweaks are listed in the readme of the mod, however the most intresting ones are for example:

    - steam and diesel locomotives loaded before the mod get their particle systems adjusted. The result is dependant on the power and size of the vehicle.
    - load states for vanilla gondolas are adjusted to the technology level and commodity. Iron ore barely shows in the car, because it is five times as dense as coal.
    - Baldwin 6-wheels got its tender back.

    There are more tweaks such as that, and more will come.

    4. Integration with other mods.

    EGI, to keep consistent balance, especially with moded freight cars, will modify their speed/capacity to match the progression its sets for itsself. It follows the concept of 'mass ratio' - where the mod adjusts capacity to match expected mass/capacity ratio for a given vehicle in a given year. Likewise it makes sure that a car introduced too early does not exceed the mod expects. Essentially - makes sure that new freight cars neither exceed nor underperform to what the mod expects.

    5. Difficulty settings

    Since this is a gameplay mod - it also provides difficulty settings - named 'easy', 'medium', 'hard' and 'fever' and they mostly deal with cargo weight. On fever difficulty most commodities weigh as much as 8 tons per unit, which makes even late locomotives struggle. Difficulty is settable from a configuration file.

    There are more changes in it, but to list them all would be to list the entire readme.

    Extended Gameplay and Immersion

    In short:

    - 24 new generations of freight cars ( 144 new vehicles in total ) -12 for each theme
    - 4 new passenger cars
    - numerous balance tweaks
    - new freight car running cost formula
    - seamless integration with most vehicle mods
    - over 100kb of LUA code
    - difficulty settings
    - ease of use changes ( reversed locomotives, day length change, vehicle rakes )
    - lots of other small tweaks

  • Update 1.1

    - I added fire torch effect to the oil-refinery
    - reworked particle effect of steam and diesel. Steam now disperses more naturally and diesel fumes are in two variants - old diesel ( thicker, blacker ) for diesels designed before 1980 and new diesel ( bluish, low emissions one ) for diesels built after 1980
    - I ported relevant parts of an LNER A4 animation fix ( mod: 1371438699 )

    Next on the chopping block:

    - terran generation - create an user friendly presets via config file.

    Also - added download link to the TF.net database, because I am an idiot who can't upload.

  • I clicked on the link in your fist post to download the mod from this site but it says; "Access denied. You're not authorized to view this page."
    Does that mean it's currently only for beta testers?

  • I have released here, and on Steam the version 1.2 of the mod.

    It mostly is about editing the 'egi_configuration.cfg' and contains:

    1. A set of switches to change the behavior of the terrain generator - now you can instrument it how many industries and towns to create and what are the general topography types ( including amount of trees ).

    2. A switch was provided which works as a way to artifically stop technological progress at a certain year. In effect - from that year onwards no new vehicles are going to be introduced, so you can play with steam forever. It also should ensure that buildings and other things introduced over the years are not going to be available if they fall after the selected year. It does not work for roads yet.

  • Hello there.

    I proudly announce a release 1.3 of EGI. The highlight of this version is the new animated, power based, and shaded steam from the main locomotive stack. On top of that the mod hosts several other changes - such as tighter, proper coupling of north american freight cars or more physics based locomotive stats in europe.

    The mod can be had from the usual places - which is steam or tf.net

  • Hi!

    I was playing now and I realized that a city did not leave people by the railroad, it just arrived until the city.
    Would it be a mod bug?
    This in the beginning of the game (if 6 years have passed), I made a final connection in a city connecting 3 other cities.

  • Teaser of what I am now working on.

    1. More selection of trackage - with a bigger gameplay impact. Three eras: 1850-1900, 1901-1950 and 1951-onward. Each gets three types of track - Siding ( cheap, but severe speed restrictions ), mainline and express. Each track for each era has a different characteristic when it comes to handling of curves. Which leads me to...

    2. More permissive curves. In vanilla games a curve can be no smaller then 2000m to allow trains to run at 300km/h. In EGI 1.4 highest tier track will allow 300km/h on curves as tight as 500m.

  • Version 1.4 of EGI has been released and you can get it from usual places :)

    This release has been set to extending the options when it comes to building infrastructure. Most visibly, now you get two-three track types in each era - for a total of nine types over the span of 150 year
    On top of that, bridges are now available throughout entire game and come in several flavors which vary wildly in cost.

    A proper HSR 300km/h bridge will push you back a whopping 133 times more dollars then a lowly wooden one. So rethink your strategic and tactical goals. Power building the best is now no longer the best course of action.

    Obviously, as a new version - 1.4 - introduces some fixes. Most notable one is sorting out the dithering/moire artifacts when rendering tracks. It now looks much smoother regardless of LOD setting.

    For version 1.5 I plan to finally take a looking glass to trucks and, of course, will continue to polish the game further.

  • My egi_confirguration.cfg file is empty. What should it look like?

    EDIT: Fixed it from the looks of it. I needed to do a reinstall of the mod.