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  • Hello, last year Trenitalia released a new livery for UIC cars "Intercity" in two kinds, the "day" (giorno) and "night" (notte) ones.
    Although being criticized for being too similar to the German one, a new modern white and red livery appeared on the trains connecting major Italian cities. Since this is only a repaint, this be easy while we wait for the new locomotives (wink wink) E401 and E402...
    I have therefore some schemes, drawings and have translated all the info you need.

    I have also a table listing all codes for the colours, it might be useful.
    Second-class Intercity "day" variant

    From top to bottom:
    - 2nd class pilot derived from UIC-Z1 (originally a 2nd class with compartments);
    - 2nd class derived from UIC-Z1 (originally a 1st class with compartments);
    - 2nd class derived from UIC-Z1 (originally a 2nd class with compartments).


    From top to bottom:
    -2nd class derived from UIC-Z Eurofima (originally a 1st class with compartments);
    -2a class derived from UIC-Z Eurofima (originally a 2nd class with compartments);
    -2nd class special restaurant wagon "Self Service".


    -1st class wagon derived from transformation of a Gran Comfort Type 1970, sorry, no scheme here.
    I think converting one of the Eurofima or UIC to First Class is ok (just slap a number "1" and call it a day)


    "Night" Intercity variants

    From top to bottom:
    -Basic wagon (only seats) derived from UIC-Z1 (originally a 2nd class with compartments);
    -Sleeper wagon (model unknown) with 10 ompartments with 4 beds each.


    From top to bottom:
    -DeLuxe wagon with Type MU beds (no idea if important);
    -DeLuxe/Excelsior wagon with Type TT3s beds (no idea if important)
    These wagons are different from the previous, and I can't find their names :(

    Colour codes:

    Pearl White RAL 9010Day Service main colour, Night Service Decals
    Gray RAL 7021Chassis, Wheels etc...
    Gray RAL 7031Imperial, Windows Stripe, front of engine
    Blue RAL 5013Night Service main colour.
    Traffic Red RAL 3020Red Stripe, Doors and Class Number

    -Engines: future project


    From top to bottom:

    Tell me if you need more data and/or help translating. Thanks for reading! :)