Trenitalia Frecciargento

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  • Hello guys! I love Transport Fever but i noticed that no one realized an italian high-speed train called "Frecciargento". It usually travels at 250 km/h and is a Pendolino train. The two models of train used to do this service are ETR485 and the new amazing ETR600:

    This one is ETR485:

    And this one is ETR600:…ALIA%20ROMA%20TERMINI.jpg

    Can someone realize the mod of "Frecciargento", please?

    For ETR600:
    Manufacturers : Alstom
    Bogie spacing : 1435 mm (Standard)
    Contact line voltage : 3 000 / 15 000 / 25 000 V
    Pantographs : 6
    Continuous power : 5500 kW
    Tare : 387 t
    Adhesive mass : 128 t
    Total length : 187. 40 m
    Total wheelbase : 176. 20 m
    Bogie wheelbase : 2.70 m
    Wheel diameter : Ø890
    109 seats in 1st class
    304 seats in 2nd class
    18 seats in the restaurant
    Total: 431 seats
    Maximum speed 250 km/h

    The ETR 610 consists of seven cars, including a dining car. The two extreme cars on each side are powered, one axle per bogie, the three central cars are not powered (I've found these information into another topic).