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    Automatic translation. In case of doubt, the German text applies.

    With what I have seen so far from Transport Fever 2, I am satisfied overall and therefore do not see any more updates for the trailer mod for Transport Fever (1). This may not be so positive, but feedback is possible and the decision is not yet final.
    But before it comes to new trailer, a version compatible with Transport Fever 2 is first planned. This should work a few weeks after the release of TpF 2. After that, I will also treat vehicles with trailers, as well as other types.

  • Wenn du nicht dummerweise die Räder der UG Vehicle verwendet hättest würde der Mod sogar so in TPF2 laufen ^^ Da UG die Mesh umbenannt hat musst aber soweit ich das sehe auch nur das neu machen und dann einmal durch den Konverter jagen.
    Das dürfte die Arbeit von Wochen auf Tage verkürzen :thumbsup:

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    Automatic translation. In case of doubt, the German text applies.

    @MaikC Thanks for tasting. I have already thought about the conversion program, but even if everything would work fine after that, I would still have to put in some work. Although I have not mentioned yet, but a texture will be more detailed and two billboards (flight, massage) I will replace, actually not great things. However, I still have to worry about the enclosed instructions, and whether the parts of the trailer in the current way in TpF 2 hold all together, I just do not know yet. Lastly, of course, I have to look because of the wheels, because I would have to adjust a few sizes and note the new name.
    That's why I roughly started out on several weeks because I still have to wait for the 11th until I can actually do something and get accurate information.

    @Licaon @Siri Ok, I'll take it that way first. After I publish the compatible with TpF 2 mod, I write more about it.

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    Automatic translation. In case of doubt, the German text applies.

    It is going on. I'm not done yet, but almost. As announced, it goes beyond mere conversion. In addition a few screenshots.

    Shortly after the mod worked in TpF 2:

    The main tarpaulin texture (cblend) is now blue, which means some adjustments to the other color values:

    The existing proportions of dirt on the tarpaulin are now determined via a [tt] cblend_dirt_rust [/ tt] texture as with vehicles. For me it works so that it is enough for a first stage. The new aluminum texture can also be seen:

    The second advertising tag is still in progress, the first is ready (at the moment, only in German):

    The interface will of course be up to date. Thanks to Yoshi for the information:

    Interface content:

    • Platform and tarpaulin can now be opened / closed separately
    • nNew selection of wheels made, two wheels of the original vehicles are gone, but there are eight new ones
    • since the rotation cannot be easily reset via buttons, there will be a choice between this method and the rotation via UI buttons
    • in addition, the rotation can be ignored using buttons

    Scrolling down is a bit more cumbersome because of the slider, but since the cursor can be held on the right edge, it should be tolerable.

    Despite input from other forum topics and several model changes, I unfortunately did not get to grips with the shadow representation problem:

    However, original game models also have problems with shadows, which is why the best remedy could be to make changes to the light and shadow display.

    When the version for TpF 2 is ready, I can not say yet and whether something changes in the version for TpF (1)? If so, then only afterwards, many innovations from here cannot be adopted in the form according to TpF (1).