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The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • Welche Mods haben für dich Priorität bei der Konvertierung zu TpF2? 135

    1. Hess/Scania (73) 54%
    2. Hess Hybrid / Hess/Cummins (63) 47%
    3. Sprinter-City (59) 44%
    4. Volvo CNG (50) 37%
    5. Setra (46) 34%
    6. DÜWAG/Büssing (34) 25%
    7. Büssing 6000/6500 (28) 21%
    8. NAW (25) 19%
    9. Gräf & Stift (24) 18%
    10. Busse vor 1920 (Saurer/Baader, Car alpine) (22) 16%
    11. FBW/Saurer der 70er-Jahre (21) 16%
    12. Busse vor 1910 (Orion, Martini) (18) 13%
    13. Alpenwagen ca. 1940 (16) 12%
    14. Saurer DUK (15) 11%
    15. Alpenwagen IIIa (13) 10%
    16. FBW Haifisch / Hochsitz (12) 9%
    17. Sattelbus (12) 9%
    18. Nordic Busse (Berliet, Renault) (11) 8%
    19. SceniCruiser (9) 7%
    20. Allwetterwagen (8) 6%

    Natürlich habe ich geplant, alle meine TpF-Mods nach TpF2 zu konvertieren und dabei auch die neuesten Features zu integrieren. Zeitaufwand wird hoffentlich nicht ganz so gross sein wie von TF zu TpF, dennoch denke ich, dass es bis zur hintersten und letzten Mod wohl ein ganzes Jahr dauern wird, abhängig davon, wie viel Verbesserungen ich da auch einbaue. Auch wird die erste Mod von mir wohl erst 2020 kommen.

    Die Reihenfolge der Konvertierung ist mir persönlich nicht so wichtig, da es ohnehin alle sein werden, aus diesem Grund starte ich mit einer kleinen Umfrage zur gewünschten Reihenfolge. Und noch die Liste der nicht-Schienenfahrzeuge:

  • Hello andere-Fahrzeuge, Seamon was very kind and sent me your site for his Transport Fever Busses that he moded. I would love to use his fine bus set in TF2 and I located your site easily. I see the set I would like to use but I don't see the download option.

    Hope you can help with this. I must be missing something. thank you andere

    Bob Paulsen

  • Thank you my friend for taking so much of your time with me. I understand now that he is only voting to see which of your models are most popular to possibly add to TF2.

    It's a shame that more people don't know about the Scenicruiser, I believe it's part because Transport Fever is very strong and popular where you are, and less so here in the U.S. Here in the U.S. the Scenicruiser in it's day in particular and all of Greyhound Bus Lines was and still is the main Bus Transport system through our Country.

    I really appreciate all that you have done Seamon and the time you've graciously spent with me. I do hope the Scenicruiser will be added to TF2 at some point. Now that I am getting into TF2 I see that it's such a tremendous improvement over the original game. I really like the Map Editor so so much.

    take care and thank you again,
    most sincerely, Bob Paulsen

  • Seamon this is just a thought, but would it be possible for me to transfer the Scenicruiser bus files from that list and install into TF2 myself? I suspect that doing so would be more involved than just doing that. I did locate the Scenicruiser file and was able to change the seating capacity from 14 to 39 easily enough. 43 was it's true capacity. Seamon, it would mean so much to me and be so well worth it if you have a little time and could send me the correct files for that bus to apply to TF2. I would be so happy to send you a donation, (which I feel you already deserve).

    As you can tell, I am a big Greyhound Bus nut, and loved all their buses when growing up, and the Scenic was special, and most popular for passengers. I do apologize if I may be asking to much.

    take gentle care sir,