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  • -----------2020 - 01 - 28 ---Update BETA1.2 -------------------


    Some players reported that an error occurred when using V1.1MOD under the German Windows operating system. Currently EN, zh_CN, RU systems do not have this problem.

    This temporary update restores the MOD menu and LUA to the previous version. There is still a V1.1 updated taxi. This temporary update does not affect the archive.

    The next version v1.2 update will use the new vehicle purchase integration list. And add some new taxis.

    Players who did not experience loading errors do not need to download this update.


    [update v1.1] - [uep2]_11a - Benz Taxi Series + Taxi Stand ( Bus + Asset)( Taxi Series - Part-A )

    This TAXI series MOD PART-A continues to collect photos of BENZ taxis around the world. And will continue to MOD expansion.



    1. Update ASSET menu, The menu interface is more concise and convenient.

    2. Add two benz taxis. Danish & Dutch.



    2.增加两辆奔驰出租车。 丹麦和荷兰。


    1. Aktualisieren Sie das ASSET-Menü. Die Menüoberfläche ist übersichtlicher und bequemer.

    2. Fügen Sie zwei Benz-Taxis hinzu: Dänisch und Niederländisch.


    1. Обновите меню АКТИВ, Интерфейс меню более лаконичен и удобен.

    2. Добавьте два такси. Датский и голландский


  • In progress, this UEP2 post will be updated regularly.

    The UEP1 series of mods will be gradually converted into UEP2. For some MODs, I need to re-model in order to add details and functions. It takes time.

    Recently, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, My personal holiday has been cancelled..... My colleagues and I are currently on duty 24 hours a day to prevent any possible emergencies. . The UEP2 - MOD progress in these two months will be relatively slow.

    High-speed railway track and bridge models are currently being modeled. please wait patiently.:)

  • English

    Thank you for your mods, one is better than the other.

    But the taxis are big to me.

    I was able to reduce the assets by 10% without any problems. With both vehicles, however, the wheels look too far out and are in the wrong place after the downsizing.

    Where can I touch the two wheel axles within the mdl in order to be able to change their position and size?

    links: original Car, in der mittel verkleinertes Car, rechts: verkleinernetes Asset (OK)

  • Thank you in advance for your support.

    w1 = front wheel

    W2 = rear wheel

    In fact, the car body ratio is not wrong. The ratio setting of the TPF game is 1: 4.

    At present, the taxi MOD I released is to match the body size of AI passengers in the game.

    If you only modify it by setting X, Y, Z, you will find that the passenger body proportion will be very uncoordinated. The passenger's body will penetrate the car body.

    If you just modify the size of ASSET, there is no problem.

  • --------- [UEP2] _13_New_Underground_Garage ( Road Depot )---- 2020.02.14 ------ DONE

    Available time: 1985



    [uep2]_13_New_Underground_Garage ( Road Depot )






    [uep2]_13_New_Underground_Garage ( Road Depot )

    Available time: 1985



    Used to buy / sell vehicles. Can attract AI citizens / vehicles.