[TPF2][WIP] - <Urban expansion project package> for (TPF2) lol

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  • -----MOD upgrade-2021.09.14-------

    [uep2]_040c_<Large_port_oil_loading_terminal_(7_in_1)> (v1.2)


    1. Add two new oil depots, the industrial chain is crude oil-oil, oil-fuel, adjust product demand and output through the MOD menu.

    2. MOD's road station cargo storage space increased to 2491 units.

    3. MOD's railway station cargo storage space increased to 2327 units.


    --------How to update the MOD placed on the map in the game---------

    Method 1: After the MOD is updated, open the MOD menu in the game, select any option, and close the menu to complete the MOD upgrade (Note: Method 1 will cause the MOD's depot function to fail, unknown BUG.)

    Method 2: After the MOD is updated, delete the MOD building on the map in the game, and then place the MOD on the map again. (This operation is a perfect upgrade to avoid the BUG of depot function failure)


    MOD upgrade download address(Need to upgrade manually, please download the MOD and then update.):


    STEAM(auto update):




  • You used a mod that directly replaced the game’s default track, right?

    This MOD uses the game’s default railway tracks. If you use a MOD that directly replaces the game default tracks, it may cause this problem.

    I generally not recommended to use MODs that directly replace the game’s default road/railway. This will cause problems for the normal use of MODs released by other MOD authors.

    You need to close the MOD that directly replaces the game's default railroad tracks in order to use the Oil port normally.

    In addition, the MOD size is larger, please choose a flat river bank to place the MOD.

    Here I also want to remind other MOD authors, try not to make MODs that directly cover the game’s default rails/roads, such as directly replacing the width of the game’s default roads, replacing the game’s rails and modifying the parameters of the game’s default rails. These changes to the game's default settings will cause other authors' MODs to be used normally.

  • ------------MOD progress update----2021.9.19

    Start to enjoy the three-day holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival. . .:saint:

    These are a few big toys~:evil:

    [UEP2]_00h_<Schnabel Railcar>

    Contains car body paintings from multiple countries/regions/companies.

    3 types of cargo: generator rotor, transformer, nuclear waste.

    32 sets of wheels. 3-layer bogie. The total weight of the vehicle is 606 tons.

    There are two types of couplers:

    Chain coupler, standard coupler.

    Appropriately increase the train speed limit to 62km/h

    (In realworld the speed limit is 10-50km/h )










  • I always wanted a part like that for my model railway, when I was a child - but I never got it!

    Thanks to you, at least I get one for my virtual model railway! :)

    Der Mensch ist nicht das, was er vorgibt zu sein - er ist das, was er verbirgt!