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  • Hallo zusammen,

    ich habe mir ne große Karte machen lassen inkl. vielen Industrien.

    Nun habe ich z.B. eine Fabrik die Plastik verarbeitet, wird auch gut mit Gütern versorgt. Aus dieser Fabrik soll dann inkl. Stahl Waren vom Norden der Karte mit Flugzeug in den Süden geflogen werden.

    Es werden 153 Einheiten benötigt. Allerdings nur ~30 zur Verfügung gestellt.

    Das habe ich bei andere Industrien aber auch, dort wird nur per Zug befördert. Statt 300 Brot werden nur ~100 zur Verfügung gestellt.

    Weiß jemand was ich da noch machen kann?


  • Hey there,

    I'm quite new to the game and I was in your situation very often, much less now.
    What I would do is to check the rate of each lines, starting in the town itself then coming from the factories.
    The rate should be at least equal to the demand.
    Hope it helps

  • I think it was explained during the campaign, or through the in-game help or even as you hover over it?

    The rate is the amount of goods that is delivered through this line yearly (in game parlance that is every 12 minutes circa, at standard time flow).
    You can increase that rate by improving the amount of cargo (ie. By adding more vehicles or choosing vehicles with a bigger capacity) or the speed at which that cargo is delivered (ie. By lowering the frequency, by adding more vehicles or choosing faster vehicles).

    So keep an eye on your stations, you don't them to be overstuffed and goods wasted. If that happen then simply extend the numbers of platforms so ut can hold more cargo.

    PS : everything I write is as far as I know as of today, I may be wrong.