How to add a vehicle to a set of vehicles

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  • I am writing a mod that selects some vehicles and add them to a set of vehicles. This is better explained by example.

    Let's say I download a mod containing a shiny, beautiful locomotive for the "europe" set. I am playing a game with the "usa" set of vehicles.

    How do I add the "europe" vehicle to the "usa" set?

    There is a code in base_mod.lua that adds vehicles from one set to another set but those are the vehicles already inside the file. Cool and easy.

    I am talking about adding a vehicle from a mod to my set of vehicles I am playing with.

    So far I got to this point trying to add the loco from 1964986639_hr_jones_goods_4_6_0:

    runFn = function (settings)

    if settings.vehicles == "usa" then

    addFileFilter ("model / vehicle", function (fileName, data)

    local extraVehicles = {

    ["res / models / model / vehicle / train / HR_Jones_Goods.mdl"] = true,

    ["res / models / model / vehicle / train / HR_Jones_Goods_menu.mdl"] = true,

    ["res / models / model / vehicle / train / HR_Jones_Goods2.mdl"] = true,


    print (string.format ("Checking vehicles for filename: '% s'", fileName))

    NEVER GOT TO SEE THE NAME OF HR_Jones_Goods coming inside this method.

    My mod is the last one in the list of mods.

    I saw all names coming from the file