Model Editor Won't Import FBX File

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  • I am trying to make a US Road Sign mod, using the route Waypoints. I have made various models, as seen below, which will have multiple textures for the various signs.
    [Blocked Image:]

    I have created the models in Sketchup, and exported them as FBX files. Upon importing them into Model Editor, I get the following error:

    1. FbxImportPlugin::Import C:/Users/bobgr/AppData/Roaming/Transport Fever 2/fbx_import/Stop.lod0.FBX
    2. started fbx importer plugin
    3. could not import file: Select a file ending with '...lod0.fbx'

    I have watched a few tutorials, and none showed the exact import process. Only one mentioned the fact that the program requires a specific kind of FBX. Some odd name I can't remember right now. I have exported the models as 3ds files for 3ds Max, in which I exported them as FBX with that specific format. Same error. I even tried renaming the model to have "lod0" at the end, as well as ".lod0", so that they read "[file name]lod0.fbx" and "[file name].lod0.fbx". Same error.
    It seems this error is a lie and something else is going on. Knowing this game, that wouldn't surprise me.

    My question here is: can someone, anyone, give me a step-by-step guide on getting an FBX file into the Model Editor. And please, no Blender. I won't understand it, no matter how much you dumb it down.

  • Oh, yay! It's picky about name formats, too! Lovely.

    In the guide, they only made vehicles, so the names were "vehicle-[type]-[name of vehicle]..."

    My signs don't drive, they are static assets (like buildings), so what do I name them?


    Thank you for the reply and help!

  • Thank you for the help! I wonder why this program is so picky...
    So, I got one of my signs to be read and somewhat imported. It now gives me a new error, but it seems to have generated a mesh file and such, so that's an improvement!

    1. Converting mesh: Mesh1_lod0.msh 000001A9354005F0
    2. has element materials: 1
    3. normals...
    4. could not import file: Normal mapping mode 'eByControlPoint not supported...

    I have not yet started on texturing, as I want to figure out how to arrange the models first. However, I think Sketchup generates a basic white texture on any export, so it seems the Model Editor is finding and reading that and throwing a fit about it. I do not understand what "eByControlPoint" is and what I need to do during texturing to prevent this error.

    As for the FBX import naming, I dug into the game files to figure out exactly what kind of file structure I was working with for the waypoints. They are in street/waypoint_road, so I named my FBX as so:

    street-waypoint_road-warning_binary/street-waypoint_road-warning/street-waypoint_road-warning_lod0.fbx, and it seems to work, being exported directly from Sketchup!
    By the way, is it possible to rename the folders to street-waypoint_road-signs and just put ALL my sign fbx files into the one spot, changing "sign" out for the type of sign for each file, or does each file have to be in it's own separate folder?