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    In this topic you can find news about TPFMM 2, ask questions, and give feedback.

    The most important for all interested parties:

    TPFMM 2 is currently under development, a beta version of the console application will be released soon. It will support the following basic functions:
    List, install, update, and remove modifications for Transport Fever 1 and Transport Fever 2.

    The graphical user interface version will follow as soon as possible.

    Questions and answers:

    When will TPFMM 2 be released?

    As soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no scheduled release. The development was halted during the last two month due to restoration works and relocation, meaning neither time nor a PC were available.

    What is TPFMM 2?

    TPFMM 2 stands for Transport Fever Mod Manager 2, which is the successor of the well-known Transport Fever Mod Manger (TPFMM). The 2 stands not only for the new version of TPFMM, but also for the support of Transport Fever 2. However, the original Transport Fever is still supported.

    What can TPFMM 2 do?

    TPFMM 2 is a mod management tool, and it is very similar to a package management.

    In short, TPFMM 2 can be used to manage modifications for the games Transport Fever and Transport Fever 2, that is: download, install, uninstall, update, adjust settings.

    What is the story behind TPFMM 2?

    The project started already in 2014 as a mod manager for Train Fever, the first game of the Fever series. At that time there was no official mod support in the game, and to make modifications to the game, changes had to be made directly to the game files. This made it difficult to remove mods completely, and mods could collide by changing the same file. With TFMM, modders could easily distribute their mods as an archive and add metadata to their mods. Other players could easily install and uninstall mods automatically without damaging the game. With the later introduction of official mod support, this task was no longer needed.

    In Transport Fever, the focus of the then new TPFMM was therefore shifted on connecting to the online databases of Transport-Fever.net, the Steam Workshop, and other websites where modifications for Transport Fever are available. New mods could be downloaded and installed directly in TPFMM, installed mods were checked for updates, and even buyers of the GOG version got access to mods in the Steam Workshop. Additional features were saving mods before updating or removing them, as well as reading and automatically installing the required mods from a memory location.

    TPFMM 2 continues this story, but is a completely new development. While TFMM and TPFMM were programmed in PureBasic, TPFMM 2 is written in Python. As in the past, the source code is publicly available, but thanks to the better known language it is now readable by a larger audience.

    On which operating system does TPFMM 2 run?

    TPFMM 2 is written in Python and will run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. In addition to the source code that can be executed with Python on the supported operating systems, executables will be provided that can be started directly without additional programs.

  • Hallo Xanos,

    Was halten Sie davon, die "visible" Variable von mod in der Datei mod.lua zu editieren?

    Einige Mods haben diesen Paramater nicht, so dass er möglicherweise hinzugefügt werden muss.

    Wenn "visible = true,", dann ist die Mod im Spiel im Mod-Auswahlmenü sichtbar. Wenn sie auf "visible = false," gesetzt ist, ist sie nicht auswählbar.

    Daher könnte der Spieler die Schaltfläche "Alle aktivieren" verwenden, um eine Auswahl von Mods einfach zu aktivieren.


    what do you think about editing mod's "visible" variable, in the mod.lua file?

    Some mods don't have that paramater so it might need to be added.

    If "visible = true," then ingame the mod is visible in the mod selection menu. If it's set to "visible = false," it's not selectable.
    Thus the player could use the "Activate all" button to easily activate a selection of mods.


  • Ich verstehe die Idee so, dass im TPFMM ein Set von Mods sichtbar gemacht wird, während alle anderen "unsichtbar" sind. Der Spieler kann dann im Spiel einfach auf "alle aktivieren" klicken, um alle im TPFMM ausgewählten Mods zu aktivieren.

    Wäre eine Idee Wert, aber kann auch dazu führen, dass man aus versehen Mods, die unsichtbar sein sollten, sichtbar macht - und ich sehe schon einen Haufen Bugreports, weil Mods nicht angezeigt werden (weil sie unsichtbar sind)..