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  • hi there. so im new to this forum. and i would like to request maybe if possible some danish trains as they would be really nice to see in TPF2

    some trains that could be awesome would be the DSB ET, DSB IC3 and maybe also the s train i guess

    pictures are just from google

    Edit by Hendi: Pictures removed. Uploading pictures that are not your own is not allowed. Please read the rules in the mod request area, Itznordic.

  • Hey there, there’s actually a mod for Train Fever called Nordic-DLC.

    Mod-Link: Nordisches DLC / Nordic DLC

    Train-Fever Forum with Modlist: Nordisches DLC als Community-Projekt

    It is a beautiful mod with loads of busses, trains, trams, even signals and railroad-crossings.

    Haven’t tried it in TPF2, since I bought it just yesterday, but I was able to convert it via Modconverter in TPF. Sadly, the textures and some features won’t be updated, but in the end it’s still beautiful :)

    MfG Zlango :)

    Der Pessimist sieht das Dunkel im Tunnel,
    der Optimist sieht das Licht am Ende des Tunnels,
    der Realist sieht auch die Quelle des Lichtes
    und der Lokführer drei Idioten auf den Gleisen stehen

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