Just a humble request for asset makers

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  • Dear authors of assets mod!

    Im just one of many players, who still play tpf1. Ofc creating mods for tpf1 and tpf2 differ a lot. But if the vehicles from those two games differ really much and there no way to convert tpf2 train for tpf1, as far as i know, assets didnt change that hard.

    I see those new amazing assets and buildings for tpf2 and can only dream they would be available for tpf1. If its not that hard to you, it would be still great to see tpf1 versions of them. That would be appreciated really much!

    Thank you all for the job you do!

  • As also a TpF1-Player, I'd highly appreciate this too. Of course a Converter would be best, but it'd be also great if at least the modders which still use the typical TpF1-Way of modding could upload their Models for TpF1 as well. So please, to all modders, I'd ask you kindly if you could still release mods for TpF1, since it would be highly appreciated by many.