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The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • So, let's talk about what's next. The last train of the actual list will be the ATR 100, which is the very first italian diesel multiple unit worth to be called that (all the other vehicles were "railcars", like if they were bus on rails).

    After that, mods will be more diversified (assets, buildings, stations, trucks, busses, trams, metro trains, cars but no ships or planes, that's totally not my field of interests).

    The first mod I will work will be surely a station, probably a very small one (non modular). More will anyway come, because there's also the gap of the FS stations era 2 (from 1930 to 1980 more or less) and era 4 (modern times).

    Trucks will be worked individually, like my fiat 682; the first one I have in mind is the Iveco 190.

    The first cars I would like to produce are: Bmw E30, Alfa Romeo 75, Lancia Delta. I won't ever do any american cars cause they totally suck <X

    Busses, metro (subway-suburban) trains and trams will be worked as "city sets", meaning that I will make a series of mods that will include the most important/iconic (during the history line) vehicles of each city. The first one will be Rome and I will provide vehicles from 1930 to modern times.

    I will also consider long distances bus; the first one will be Iveco 380.

    On the international side, apart the realization of non-italian cars and trucks (and also bus, expecially for the modern era), the first vehicle I would like to build is obviously a train Lmao. Belgian SNCB AM 54/55/56.

    I am also participating on some "cooperative" mods (like what we've done with CIWL coaches). The first one will be a set of cargo wagons, focused on mediterranean style.

    Same will be for a mediterranean conversion of the houses (very long work that we will probably never do) and mediterranean industry chains (more feasible).

    But, yet, many trains are still out of the scene.

    What's left?

    Electric locomotives:

    - E326

    Diesel locomotives:

    - D342 prototipo breda

    - D442

    - D461

    Steam locomotives:

    - Gr 744/745
    - Gr 895
    - Gr 552
    - Gr 60

    ... and, still, many more

    Electric multiple units:

    - ALe 582/642

    - ALe 426/506

    - ETR 401

    - ETR 450

    - ETR 460/470/480

    Diesel multiple units:

    - ALn/ALb 48/56/72/84

    - ALn 64

    - ALn 25

    All those thingies will be worked by different people too (I hope).

    Re-work and corrections of older mods will continue: the first one will be the tipo 1946/1959 coaches (already in progress). There were still a bunch of "errors" in this pack.

    Several patreon contents will also be added on various mods, during the re-works.

    There will be space also for italian "ferrovie concesse", which are railway lines managed on "license" by regional or local administrations. The first one I would like to work and complete is FSE (south east railways).

    Italian narrow gauge will also go more specific in the next times; the first line I would like to work is the roma - fiuggi - frosinone one. More info here

    Modding guys are anyway on job:

    - ETR 450 is worked by themetroman94. It will be probably completed in the next decade (estimated year of release is 2032)

    - ETR 460/470/480 is worked by danibon1. I hope to get news soon from him

    - ALe 724 is in progress by InfinityRibbon... finally :thumbup:

    - More special vehicles will be produced by Mixer66, when he has got free time.

    - ALe426/506 is in progress by "Ragno". It will be his first mod.

    That's enough! I hope more modders will join over time!