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  • I am new to modding, I am trying to get some 600mm track to work in TF2.

    1) I was wondering about the track.lua file in the config folder. Do I have to link the track config file to the mod in another file? Or is it enough that it is in the config folder? I have looked at other mods but can not see it anywhere.

    2) Category, such as 600mm or 760mm etc, where do I specify the icon image?

    Thanks, in advance from a beginner.:)

  • 1) in every track mod the lua-files are in ...\res\config\track

    2) you have to define the category in the track.lua

    1. t.categories = {"categorie_name"}

    and the tga icon file with the exactly same name in ...\res\textures\ui\construction\categories