Newbie question - reskinning building assets?

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  • Hi,

    Beginner here, trying to change the textures of existing town assets (signs, windows etc). I do not want placable assets, I just want to change the look of the generated cities.

    I've created a mod.lua, saved my edited texture under a new name in the mod directory. Then copied the .mtl from the original asset, renamed it and edited it to point to my new texture, then copied the .mdl and edited that to point to my .mtl file. I did not change the name of the .mdl file.

    I believe the directory structure is correct, and if I copy the mod to Staging I can view the assets in ModelEditor showing the new texture. However, if I start a new game and enable the mod, it uses the original texture. What did I miss?

  • Turns out I had edited the assets textures located in textures\models\building\era_a, but when looking at that mod I realized that the same textures are also located in textures\models\asset\commercial\era_a, and these are the ones used by the game! So it seems I was looking in the wrong place! Thanks! :)