Problem with adding Multiple units at postRunFn

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  • It appears I am spamming the forum :)

    I have a problem. I've been sitting at it for the last few days and am stumped. The API reference does not help much, but the wiki mentions that adding mutliple units at runtime should be possible - at the 'postRunFn' stage. Brilliant for my use case. So I wrote this code:

    What I am trying to do is to take an existing MU and add several variants of it using different models. The problem I am facing is that I don't know how to add stuff ot the vehicles array. So far I tried to use the 'table.insert', use an index starting from 1 or from 0 and even regular c++ code.

    I gather that I should use some sort of an api call for the engine to allocate the memory for the MU component for me. But I dumped the api and api.type arrays and did not find any relevant function. Scouring the game provided scripts gave me nothing. What am I missing?

    EDIT: the creation of the vehicle array does not seem to change anything.

  • This works:

  • doug: THANK YOU! This solves my problem. Also, for the brave soul out there who might have this or similar issue in the future ( and google catches this ). In order to get the members of an api.type use code like this:

    1. local MuVariantRecord = -- create an api type, here - a multiple unit
    2. -- show its fields
    3. debugPrint( MuVariantRecord )
    4. -- show its metadata - which includes methods   
    5. debugPrint( getmetatable( MuVariantRecord ) )