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  • Performance Hotfix Mod

    This is a simple modification to boost the performance of the game, especially late game. It removes visible people and ensures that new buildings in cities are created without particle emitting ( particles are known CPU eaters ) chimneys.

    I would like to know how much boost do you guys get. I got from single digit frame rate to upper 30+ in some cases.

    Also - are you comfortable with a map with no trees?

  • Hmm, I will definitely have to try that, as especially in cities the framerates are getting lower the further I get (and I am like in the 60ies now). Trees? Well, the look nice, but in most other games I disable them for oversight reasons ;)

  • Does this Mod help to reduce lags at the end of every month or "only" make the game (i.e. scrolling) smoother when the time is running?

    No trees would be okay for me if it helps.

    (But personally I found a solution for my computer for scrolling: Play in window mode instead of full screen. I don't have a solution for lags yet - more than 3 minutes every end of month :( )

  • A few clarifications for everyone.

    1. This mod is a quick fix to a rather important problem. We discussed this on I got quite a boost from this, some people asked me to share it, so there it is.

    2. Train Fever is CPU limited. Even my low-end Radeon 6850 is, on average, loaded by 50%. The CPU limitation comes from two sources: Simulation and Graphics Preparation. I cannot fix the simulation ( altho, If I had the sources, I would - I am a pro programmer ). I cannot fix the graphics preparation because I don't have the source code.

    3. The best way it can be done, with script mods, is to reduce the load on the graphics preparation by using an aggresive level of detail. Since smoke particles and people are the biggest known CPU eaters, they got my attention first.

    4. To gets the most of the mod it is best to start a fresh game. Also, train fever tends to speed up during the game session. This is due to how the game is structured.

    Now. I would ask you all to do something.

    1. Set the lowest graphics setting you can.
    2. Load your biggest game.
    3. Go to the corner of the map, look away ( like on this screenshot:…-08_00003_zps7dae873e.jpg ) and get frame rate reading ( use FRAPS or similar software )
    4. Post results along with your hardware specs.

    This measurement will allow us to judge how much CPU power the game really needs. If you get, let's say, 20fps, then it is quite possible to, actually, increase speed of the game by using the level-of-detail settings.

  • So, you can remove trees, but you cant add more... ? I'll try this and see how it goes, i already removed the smog myself from game and it improved my fps by quite a lot.


  • Hi, no people in the game makes it a bit said ( :( ). Can I just remove the smog - to see how it goes. Could ypou please show me the way, i'll do it by myself?
    Uzurpator, one more question maybe stupid one, but could you please tell me what do you mean by "CPU limited"? is there a percentage of CPU used or some concrete figures? After your topic I've started to control than and found out that the game runs normally below 25% of my CPU usage (i5 2.8 GHz).

  • Does this Mod help to reduce lags at the end of every month <----

    i think we're not able at the moment to reduce that kind of lag. it's procedure to calculate the entire finance. at his point developers could maybe change the duration of the lag