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  • This guide will give you information on what you should focus to complete a mission and optionally be able to achieve all medals. This information was acquired by playing the game and reading topics on the community hub. This guide is not step by step, but will give a general overview in which direction you should think for successfully completing the European Campaign.

    Mission 1: Gotthard Tunnel
    This mission is very straightforward and should be easy for players who already have feeling with the game mechanics. The only thing you should pay attention to is the terrific tunnel medal. Although not a necessity for completing the mission, you need some speed to achieve it. My advice is to set up the horse route as fast as possible. When you are asked to carry away the rocks, use two trains on the route to the rock side (they can cross each other in Altdorf). Those same two engines can later be used to carry passengers through the tunnel. Go for the Class 53 Prussian G3 engines, you can afford them!
    For the humanitarian medal you should choose to carry away more stones or pay the workers (the first delays the project and the other might be a financial problem if you want to achieve the contractual compliance medal), choose what’s best in your situation.
    For the rockhound medal, find all the question marks and then bulldoze some rocks on top of the mountain where the last question mark appeared. The rock where it is under needs multiple bulldoze tries to find what you are looking for.

    Mission 2: Bridge Disaster
    When you start, make sure to quickly connect the Iron Ore and Coal mine with the steelworks production plant using rail. When enough steel is made, use a ship to carry the goods to the construction site. It will be cheaper and makes it possible to achieve the Alternative transportation medal.
    To get the heavyweight medal equip the coal train with a capacity of at least 60 (you can use full load (any) in the line tool) to load the train to its capacity. For the speed record medal you should use a PLM220 engine (top speed 60) on the coal mine line. To complete the mission you need at least 3 PLM220 engines to fulfil the requested amount of trips annually. This can become a financial challenge, make sure that you’re station on both sides of the line are well connected with the city by using a bus or tram line.
    The Key to wealth medal is tricky, you could use the Iron Ore rail line to transport steel to the tools factory after you completed the bridge. At the same time sell the boat, you will need it no more. From the tools factory distribute the tools to the nearby cities. Wait for this task to complete before winning the mission.

    Mission 3: Hard Times
    I tried this mission first with trains, it was a complete disaster… Use as much trucks and build some roads to shorten the distances between the facilities. When you need to stockpile the shelter with food, use enough trucks so you can get 500 foodstuff in the shelter in time before the war. You can wait some time before completing the shelter and get your finances on track so you can get the shamelessly rich medal (who doesn’t want that…).

    Mission 4: Island Paradise
    The most tricky mission in this campaign. First look after all the question marks so you get an understanding of what you have to do and what the limitations are (and ow boy, they are hard). First of all don’t pay 3M for the research, it is a hoax and leads to nothing but more trouble (and you badly need the money) .It is key to prioritize, use the only ship available at the beginning of the game to transport Iron Ore to the steel production plant. Connect as much industry by truck as possible and start operations right away. For the rail cars is it only necessary to use one bus and a line with two stops. I advise to build enough ship depots so your ship doesn’t have to travel far to reach a line or depot (because they are sloooooooow and time is money in this game). After the ship has delivered a bunch of Iron ore use it to bring slack to the construction material plant. After that is successfully delivered, transfer it to stone transport to carry stone to the construction plant. After this you should have access to three ships. You only have to ship around 10 construction items to the city to make the airport available, so you can start operating an airline. Make sure that you’re airports are connected to cities with bus lines.
    For the retread medal, it is my opinion easier to auto-replace the vehicles so they all are younger than 10 years. You could also ship some steel to the facility…
    For the good view medal build a rail line that goes above 200 meters (not that economical) and ofcourse don’t forget Jack Sparrow and retreat al sunken ships…

    Mission 5: Economic Miracle
    The first few steps are straight forward and you have the mony to do them. Make sure you’re first airplane is bought before 1955 (High Flyer medal) and that you’re airports have good connections to the cities with bus lines. For the Heavy traffic medal buy enough Douglas DC3 planes early game (they are cheap) and sell them immediately after you achieved the medal. Establish flight connections with Hamburg and Stuttgart and wait until you made 50 M and flown 1000 passengers to Köln (two medals in the pocket, but may take some time).
    To win the mission, you shouldn’t rely on airplanes. The game mechanics in this case are flawed, you should set up bus lines between the three cities instead and make enough buses run on them (there is no limit on the buses, only on the stops). This should be enough to increase the travel willingness with 10%. Those bus lines will be highly profitable, so you can set one up early game if you please. This is the only way I found to win this (plane) mission..
    And of course don’t forget those poor east Germans, two trucks on a line should be a miracle for them!!!

    Mission 6: Cutting-Edge Technology
    OWYEAH, TGV, hhhmmmmm, TFV, hmmmmmmmm, nope, nope, nope…. When you start, build an entire new line that goes as straight as possible between Paris and Lyon without ruining you’re bank account completely and try to design it for no less than 280 speed. To accomplish the journey time you will need a German Class 103 with Swiss wagons (yes, in France). After you have managed the journey time. Sell the German locomotive again (you will need it financially), and buy two class 1042 with three or four wagons and assign them to the line. Simultaneously connect your stations with multiple bus or tram lines with the cities. As you start to make more money, increase the frequency on the line by buying more trains and doubling the track. When the TFV comes available replace all trains with them to get the speed record medal (although not necessary to win the mission).

    Mission 7: English Channel
    Get the production chains going as fast as possible in this campaign. I have gone for trucks for this one and it turned out to be the easiest way to achieve the tasks. Build and upgrade some roads to get the trucks to their destination as fast as possible. The French tunnel side will normally progress much faster than the English side (because of the placement of the production factory). To get the shaking hands medal you can stop the supply for the French time at the delivery of the last goods and wait for the English side to catch up. When the English side finishes, also complete the French site simultaneously.
    The drilling improvement you get offered is extremely difficult to achieve. The lab is located in a city which also need the same good and will take the good first before the lab. This is crazy, but to achieve the medal you need a full stacked train with at least 160 of the goods to win it. It is in my opinion easier to supply the 200 extra goods to the English site.

    Thank you for reading this guide, I hope it was useful in some way! If you have remarks or better ideas how to solve a particular task, leave a comment below!

  • Thanks for the campaign summery. Nicely written and good to read.

    But from my point of view, it is to high level to give players the crucial information how to archive the mission if they got problems and what to do to gain all the available medals. It would be wonderful, if you could expand the guide and add more than the mission details which are already in the game.

    To be more specific: the section of Mission 6 I like the most. Here you add important information how to solve the missions and some of the medals.

  • 1. Build a single line high speed track, be aware of the shown max speed indicator which should not fall below the 280 km/h mark
    2. Let the existing train run on the new track to complete the first mission part.
    3. To reduce the travel time, buy a German Class 103 with Swiss wagons and put the slow train on the old curvy track
    4. Add a second high speed track to the existing one, to be able to run more trains without waiting times
    5. To increase the usage of the train line, you have to reduce the travel time of the line below the 4 min mark. To archive this, put more trains from 3) on the same line.

    In addition to that:
    - you have to connect the train stations with the city center, use trams for that (best capacity)
    - deliver machines and goods to Paris and Lyon

  • I seem to be stuck on Bridge Disaster, I'm at the point where I need to transport steele by ship but my ore production has fallen low and the mill just has it as stored.. I've tried building a separate trainline to the dock, a vehichle depot line... at a loss and struggling to find any other information.

  • Yeah i have the 3 fastest i can get i built a direct track through the mountains rather than around aswell but i think my problem is my trains are not all on the same line so i will try that later!
    At the start i put
    9 trucks doing goods to paris
    9 trucks doing machines to lyon
    6 trucks doing goods to lyon
    I only add more trucks to the goods to lyon line the other 2 9 is enough
    And make them wait for full loads!!!
    Upgrade them to the 40 tonne truck as soon as you can aswell

    put my trains on the same line completed the mission within 10 minutes!!

    so make sure u have trucks going from goods-lyon
    and all ur trains on separate tracks but the same line
    and you can sell your train at the start if you want your trucks to really profit!
    and save up for the 16m train and fast carriages!

  • Thanks for the Tutorial bob!

    However, every single time I'm doing the last mission (english channel) (I did it three times and got the same error every time), I get to the point where the tunnel is built, and then I transport tons of goods and passengers through it, but they won't get counted. So I'm stuck with a counter "Persons: 3/1000 and Goods 0/1000" which does not get updated. Does anyone know how I can tweak the lines so it gets counted, or is this a bug?

    I've installed the latest update via steam.

  • i had the same problem but only with goods i had set waypoints on the tracks to keep the trains seperate but i removed them and let them go how ever and they just randomly started working.
    also try taking machines across to dover then i ran another train upto the institute for using the machines, and a bus service into dover with 4 busses and 2 lines
    sorry if thats no help!

  • i have tried mission 4 like five times by now. The problem that I always have is when trying to get the construction materials to the airport, the materials won't go to the airport, it Sells them in the cities.
    It takes them from the factory's truck station to the harbour's truck station, it unloads them there but it doesn't put them in the harbour to wait for the ship, it leaves them at the station to be picked up by another truck to take them to the factory's truck station again so that they get sold to industrial :/ but sometimes, one cons mat gets to go to the ship, but the it goes all the way to the truck station at the airport but it doesn't go to the airport it gets sold at the city.
    So my solution was to be sure that the truck station won't reach any building of the city. The factory won't recognize the line at all and it won't ship the construction materials. I had this issue or something similar 4 times. And the last one the game never recognized that I actually took stone and slag to the factory so I never passed the fix the road thingy.
    I'm getting really frustrated with this mission...

  • I really can't get mission 6 to work.

    I've read the tips here. I have 4 class 103 trains, they are all on a single track, the track is almost entirely 300 km/h. The trains aren't doing too bad, but I can't get anywhere past ~350 passengers per year.

    I think my problem is with the buses. Right now I'm not really sure what I'm doing, and just set up bus stops in every corner of the city, straight to the station. Resulting in 6 or 7 lines per city, each with a single bus, a lot of trouble, and not nearly profitable. Do I need to set them up in particular areas or something?

  • Just in addition to misssion 3:
    The "days to war" counter does not start at a specific date that day depends on the time when you supply 10% food to all the three cities. So don't rush it otherwise it will be very difficult to get 500 food to the vault before the war starts.

    Btw. it is possible to complete this mission with a combination of trains and trucks. That way I got nearly 1300 food to the vault before the war started and also got all the medals.

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  • I am still getting like 300Passengers...

    The key is that enough people should find a job in the other city. So I built 3 bus lines in each city (plus a ring line within the city for the people who have their job there and don't need the train).
    The bus lines are
    1) From the green area (residential) to the station with 2 or 3 stops in the middle of the green area.
    2) From the blue business area (one stop in the middle) to the station
    3) From the yellow industrial area (one stop in the middle) to the station

    The train itself was not so important for me. I used 3 different engines (the cheapest) each capable of 140 kmh and 6 waggons for each train. The frequency was at the end 4 to 5 minutes. I started with 3 trains and increased it by one, each time when the platform was to crowdy to a maximum of 5.

    When I got the 500-passenger medal, I had 5 trains with a capacity of 636 passengers. The trains are filled roughly with 50% but each train has 2 stops per year.

    After this I let them run and earned money, while I build a complete new double-track (280-300kmh), installed a new line for the TGV (short version). I made this because I didn't have enough money to replace all. For some years they run parallel but after the 3rd TGV, the older trains didn't got any new passenger. So I sold all old trains and bought a 4th TGV. But to beat the airplane, I needed 5 TGVs (short version)

  • HI! I have a problem in MISSION 7 (English Channel)..
    Planks place is not give anything to the nearly rampe. :(
    I tried a lot of different place to put the rampe. But doesn't working.