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  • @Skiwee

    Have just get to have a working code, it produces blob that doesn't crash in the game. (I added 2nd UV to one of my model from my station and tested it)

    Interesting the game seems not fully using the information given in indices section of mtl files since the order of vertieces, normals, uvs and tangent in blob should be strictly respected.

    I have tried also the ModelViewer, it crashes anyway, even with only UV0, I don't know what's going wrong but it seems to more related to material not the model.

    I am waiting for you evaluation.

    The conversion from FBX have some problems, in fact I am looking for a universal way to put the coordinates in correction(each format has it's more coordinate system, z-up or y-up, even -/+). It won't bother you too much if you just test with it, just change a little the transform section in mdl file, by changing Y and Z (1, 0, 0, 0; 0, 0, -1, 0; 0, 1, 0, 0; 0, 0, 0, 1) something like this(I am not sure if it's correct, but it's easy to discover). You can also try ASE format (if blender support it)

  • I am adding a GUI to the convertor.

    I suppose to list and the models to generate, then a preview window for the result.

    And add an option to configure transforms and axis flipping.

    The parameters can be saved.

    The console mode will always be there, and it will be able to read the saved configuration to start conversion immediately.

  • For Blender I've looked for a exporter but all thats available is an importer (which doesn't help me here).
    I've managed to get my hands on a copy of Max but I'm so new to it, I may as well be chasing cheese in a maze. I think (not sure where I can see uvmaps) I've managed to import a mesh with both uv's, but exporting it to .ase I've had zero luck (end result only gives me 1 uv).
    I've tried .dae but the mesh gets distorted in crazy ways by the converter.

    I've had far more succes with hex-editing and almost works like a charm. I say almost because "ModelViewer" still crashes and I don't know why or whats missing. But works ingame.

    edit: I accualy found my "almost" problem was just a copy/paste mistake using map_albedo_opacity insted of map_albedo what it should be.

  • @Skiwee @Anachron13

    I have made some progress on the version, now FBX import works with world transforms so objects should be in good place.

    I have leave options to disable world transforms so that only local coordinate is always possible. For 3dsmax exported FBX, uncheck the 2nd last transforms, then the local pivot will be placed at 0,0,0. Don't know the case of blender, should be tested.

    I will be working on customized scale/displacement and rotation. But now I think it's ok to test with.

    For blender format, I did little test, it doesn't work for the latest format, perhaps it will work for previous ones.

    You can export some models at a time, my convector reads all and will separate the meshes into blob/mesh files.

    This is the completed world transform

    This is the local coordinate, so pivot is at 0,0,0, this will be helpful to avoid extra calculates on translate etc..

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  • :)

    This topic is for modders

    As you can see I am slowing on new station, I was working on my own model converter to resolve some problems I met during the mod.

    Particularly for station modding, lot's of part objects will be generated, with TFC or TFMC, we need to export each mesh by hand then convert, it result in lot's of hand work and the time is passing by.

    So the new feature of my convert: you read a model file at once and produce all meshes into single files, so that can be batch processing.

    It gives options to cancel transformation between local coordiantes and world coordiantes, so you don't need to calculate the translate values anymore, just place the pivot at the desired place and find out what transforms to cancel to have local coordinate export.

    It also gives a GUI (there is always console mode, but exports only local coordinates) so you can preview.

    The convertor accepts all formats listed here , except for obj format there's naming and normal issue. I have tested with ASE and FBX(2011, 2012, 2013), these two formats are working.

    I post this post here since
    1. The convertor is in usable state, I hope more modder come to use it so I can improve it.
    2. Station modder need this.

    The discussion topic is here:
    TpFMC Advanced model convertor

    The download like is here

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  • Hello,

    I tried to use your converter from a blender model without success so far. I exported into fbx format my model, but when i try to import it into the converter, it just crash :

  • I finally got the logo to work. So while it's easier for blender users to use the blender plugin, thanks to you, we know have a solution for proper logo support that does not involve hex editor :thumbsup:

    @Enzojz : There seems to be an issue with manual rotation. As you can see from rotation behavior screenshots, i just added -90 in the X Roll Rotations transform, and for some reason i end with a weird angle (it become -5156.62 in the model transforms block).

  • @Anachron13

    Yes, as I have written, the rotation is in radius, not degree, so 90 means about 28.6 need to input about 1.5707963 (so pi * 0.5) to have 90 degree

    I am working on this but it seems some problem with my code, I will upload the new version as soon as finished.

    It seems the thing exported from Blender is scaled by 100x?