Vehicle mod request: The Adtranz/Bombardier X32/CONTESSA(Old bad request)

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  • Well im trying to build a world based
    on the vehicles on swedish tracks, and was looking for a specific train,
    The X32 or X31(cant see the difference, almost identical)

    Lenght(3 units)78,9 meter
    Service weight156 ton(metric)
    TypeElectric motorwagon
    Speed180 km/h
    Can hold229 person
    Power2300 kW
    Build year2002
    Used todayYes

    More information:…ins&f-type=all&f-name=all

  • I don't want to sound rude, but this is not a proper request.
    First of all, one does not build a train in a couple of hours. It takes quiet some time, so the expectation to get all this in the near future is very unrealistic.
    Second, you are not specific enough. Try to specify which train you would like to see modded for the game as precisely as possible, one at a time. Find pictures of that train and link to them directly. Your chances of your wish come true become even bigger if you find a blueprint of said vehicle.

    Just some numbers, a link to a general website in a language not many on this platform understand and one picture is not gonna cut it.

    On the bright side, there was a community made nordic-dlc for TF and this might come to TpF in the future ;)

  • Hi there, @TheMightyHowitzer and welcome to our forum :)

    Arkhalax isn't wrong. A lot of time and effort has to be invested in even the simplest mods. And especially multiple units aren't exactly simple.
    That being said, feel free to use this guide Rules for requesting mods for Transport Fever to help you create a request that will have the highest chance of attracting a modder!

    Finally, I would kindly ask you to change the request/thread title to something befitting your request. (Something like “Swedish X32“)

    I wish you lots of fun with our forum and hope someone picks up your request! But I feel obligated to add: the most rewarding path is creating the mod yourself...just something for you to think about ;)