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    This has already been discussed at length and proposed by me earlier in this thread. Also, the ICE 3 mod already exists and can easily be adjusted by you with an NS logo and bistro font rather than the current DB logo, for your own personal use. If you choose to add this repaint to the file base, contact the maker of the original mod first.

    Yes, it's Mac only. But maybe after some tinkering GIMP or Paint.NET might work just as well. If not I can give it a try for you on pixelmator... replacing colors doesn't take long. But you can also make a new layer with a metal/dirt texture yourself and customize it.

    Rather than simply 'repainting' the texture, you can play with the 'replace color' function for the base, which keeps the metal/dirt textures intact. Results vary, but since the original is white, it should not be very difficult. I don't have Paint.NET, so I don't know where the function is. In GIMP it's a bit cumbersome. I use Pixelmator for this function, wherein it is super easy to do.

    There is a very long and very heated discussion about the ICE 3 and laws blablabla already, which has been closed by the moderators of this forum. I personally think that, as long as you do not intend to sell it/make money with it, and don't portray DB or the ICE in a negative fashion, there should not be any problem, since the ICE 3 has been modded over and over and over again by a wide variety of people for a wide variety of games, while you could also argue that a 3D model is the equivalent of a picture, blablabla, insert endless arguments and counter arguments here.

    Note that German laws probably do apply to everywhere in the EU, since stuff like this is sent to the EU patent office. But I think that the DB has better things to do than hunt down modders for them making fan work of the ICE 3. But then you never know with laws and regulations, since laws and regulations don't apply if you have a lot of money, insert endless philosphical blablabla here. And if they hate you/want to screw you over, they will always find a way to do so, no matter if you adhere to the rules or not. That's just today's society, and the vagueness of the copyright law enables them to do so.

    but this is my personal opinion.

    And if you are unsure you can always mod one of the ICE knockoffs in China, since those are not ICE, and Chinese don't care about the copyright laws anyway since they copied it (and virtually anything else) themselves. I have posted some examples of the Chinese bullet train in the ICE 3 thread in case you are curious.

    Looks nice bastarge, I'm happy to see you starting to repaint.

    btw, the DE3 repaint is still coming, but unfortunately I am super busy till Christmas so I won't finish it till then... Probably I will upload it in the beginning of January.

    Been reworking the stadler flirt models for the Veolia trains (Stadler GTW 2/6). First time trying this, so the rework might be a bit sloppy. Here's an Image:
    Uploading as soon as the author of the original model gives permission to do so.

    The repaint looks great, but are you making the textures slightly transparent? On the picture the light areas look a bit odd...

    By the way, NS also ordered Stadler to build Sprinter flirts but unfortunately the nose is a bit different...

    P.S.: There is a dutch repaint thread, since this thread (because it is in the Modded Vehicles section) is not the appropriate one to post about repaints...

    I have been quite busy and unable to finish the repaint, but I am getting close. I also found some minor discrepancies in the original paintjob, and it has been really hard to find accurate pictures.

    ToDo list:

    • Tweak window reflectance
    • Make UI icons

    Probably won't upload it till coming weekend...

    Included vehicles:

    • DE 3 Silver (Tweaked version with 'non smoking' signs and tweaked class numbers, corrected windows, carriage number)
    • DE 3 Green (With dark roof, non smoking signs, carriage number)
    • DE 3 Blue (With dark roof, 1st/2nd class, non smoking signs, carriage number, Yellow Banner)

    Here is another sneak preview of the almost finished product.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Stuff goes on sale all the time. Perhaps they just want to lure new people that were scared off since the game did not have waypoints etc. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad game just because it is on sale... Besides, it's not like 60 euro for a non-functioning game e.g. SimCitySuburb.

    i did this. but i use this train now and i don't want to loose my map need i to update or not?

    @2503victor There is no need to update since oppie has not released a new version of the textures/model, so you can leave it as it is. If you need to reinstall your mods for some reason, it should work, since oppie used the same name for the config file (ns_DE3.lua) I don't foresee any compatibility issues... unless LUA is case sensitive? Back up your RES folder just incase something goes wrong. :)

    @JoopNL Is this an entry for the brick fever mod? :D

    Great Oppie! Looking forward to it. I always saw the PlanX in Yellow driving in the distance from the farmhouse...

    It also saves me some repainting. Still repainting the DE3 in green and blue, although I will finish in the next few days...

    Looks very good!, just a very nitpicky comment, but isn't the surface between the two lower lights supposed to be black for the yellow version?

    And which colors did you use for your alpha mask in the diffuse image?

    What are your next repaint/mod plans?

    Thanks for the detailed information. I already use a 15% cyan and 25% black on the alpha channel for the windows. What combination do you use for the windows?

    I'll look into normal maps for the Plan-W later (the original did not have any, so my mod didn't have either); this is not a priority now. There are still some other things that need fixing in the Plan-W repaint (e.g. correct style class numbers for the older carriages). Also I still need to figure out how to adjust the bounding box, so the carriages are closer together.

    UPDATE 13 November 2014

    Oppie has released a new version with the correct LUA script. It should work now.

    I found out that oppie's DE'3 download lacks the correct LUA script, and without it, the DE 3 model will not appear in game.

    I have already told oppie about it but I think I am not the only one that has done so.

    Here is a hotfix to get the train in game.

    Anyway, to add the required LUA script yourself until oppie has an updated version:

    • Extract the DE3 mod in a folder (e.g. desktop), and then go to "Res/Config/Multiple_Unit"
    • Delete the existing LUA scripts, which are called ns_planT.lua and PlanV.lua
    • In notepad (or preferably notepad ++) make a new document
    • Copy and paste the code below in the new file

    1. function data()return { vehicles = { { name = "vehicle/train/ns_DE3_3.mdl", forward = true }, { name = "vehicle/train/ns_DE3_2.mdl", forward = true }, { name = "vehicle/train/ns_DE3_1.mdl", forward = true }, }, name = _("NS Mat '34 \"DE3\""), desc = _( "DE 3 by oppie")}end

    5. Save the text file as 'NS_DE3.lua' in the folder mentioned above.
    6. Place the "Res" folder and "tfmm.ini" file in a compressed ZIP or RAR folder
    7. Use Train Fever Mod manager to enable the mod.

    The mod should work correctly now.


    NOTE: I'm not sure how this affects the Mat 64 mod, it might need reinstalling
    NOTE 2: You are manually adding the LUA file to make the DE3 mod work in game. I am not sure how this affects your savegames after you have uninstalled the hotfix and reinstall using oppies updated version.
    NOTE 3: This tip is provided without warranty, so use caution.
    NOTE 4: If you intend to use the DE3 in your save game permanently, it might be better to wait for oppies fix rather than do it yourself, to ensure compatibility with future versions.