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The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

    At some time mate, but unfortunately the predictable real life issues are consuming a lot of my time. Unfortunately the Corona-countermeasures give me a lot of (unpaid) work. So, at the moment everything is on hold unfortunately. But it will come some time.

    Well, we've got:

    1. Vorserie, old number
    2. Altrot V200, old number
    3. Altrot V200, EDV-number
    4. Elfenbein/Ozeanblau V200
    5. Altrot V200.1, old number
    6. Altrot V200.1, EDV-number
    7. Elfenbein/Ozeanblau V200.1
    8. FER D 220 049 ER (Italian)
    9. FSF 220 011-9 (Italian)
    10. FSF 220 R01 (Italian)
    11. Am 4/4 18467 (Swiss)
    12. COMSA 51 LOK 2904 (Spain)
    13. Montcocol V2202 0756 (French, did railconstruction in Algeria)
    14. RENFE 340 024-0 (Spain)
    15. BEG D9 "Reuschling" (Brohltalbahn)
    16. BEG D9 "Vulcan" (Brohltalbahn)
    17. EGP 221 106 (Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam)
    18. PEG 221 136 (Prignitzer Eisenbahngesellschaft)
    19. RTS 221 105 (Rail Transport Service)
    20. SGL V270.09 (Schienen Güter Logistik)

    That's it.

    Well, finally @Grimes has joined the fatherhood, so I've got a fellow "Leidensgenosse" in the fold. I already got 3 little terrorists running around - well, the youngest is 5 months old, so not much walking there - but he drools like a champion. To congratulate the man I've absolutely spammed him with V200 repaints that were converted from TpF and will be included in the original mod:

    And yes, those all with have functioning weatheringtextures, for example:

    I know, there are other variants out there - but 20 is enough for now huh?

    Correct - I'll just be detailing it. The finishing touches so to speak. I'll just wave my fairy magic wand - and yes I'll probably wearing a pink ballerina dress while doing it. And yes, that will be disturbing.

    OMG, I just finished the TEE and never looked at the fora for a time... I was doing exactly the same, but only for private use as I hadn't coordinated with Bandion yet. LOL But nice work man, this is what I got, but that'll remain in private use:

    I even made a fictional DR-livery as a goof. I know they served for a bit under the DDR, but they never got the typical DR-styling:

    EDIT: And @Skyjoe is mostly right about the brown E95, but what I've read is that the (very) young DRG for a short time considered painting the E-loks in brown, as they did in Bayern. By that time (early 20's) it was Bayern that seemed most prolific with E-loks, altough the KPEV was very fast at catching up. In the end they decided for the more neutral DRG-gray, because that way the locomotives neither bore Prussian or Bavarian colors. Depsite all that, brown was considered for a time. But to my knowledge there never was a brown E95, but in some artwork the locomotive kinda appeared brown: Drawing by Hermann

    It is done! Or better said: the first draft of the first variant is done. I just stuffed Grimes' PM-box with rar-files and await his judgement. After that, with some minor modifications, other variations must be made. That being said, first phase complete! A couple of pics of the last two waggons finished: the Grossraum- and Speisewagen:

    Yes, as I see it now it could be either done in a few days or weeks. It's hard to plan for these things. I've been held back last couple of months by hard work and becoming father again, but it looks like (saying this very carefully) more time is opening up. To prove the point, progress:

    The interior of the Barwagen. As close as I can get it to the sparsely available reference material.

    EDIT: it's done. 3 down, 2 to go.

    Next, the Barwagen! Normals are ready, now the interior:

    Why the interior first? Because I like it that way. With paint and dirt on the outside, the interior gets a bit overshadowed. When I do it this way, the interior really
    sticks and you can really see it. Better said: you'll immediately see if it's shite.

    And to smother any other bubbling of unsavory dialogue, I'm back! I have become father for the third time last week. Mother and son
    are doing splendid. But now for more important stuff! Progress, time and progress friends. The "abteilwagen" is done, onwards!

    A small update - unfortunately I've been clogged with work the last 2-3 weeks, as my wife is due for our third child. I'm desperately trying to make things in order before it happens, and failing spectacularly. As usual. I'll be able to invest more time as soon as things settle because I'm taking my holiday in conjunction with the new arrival. In case anybody is wondering, the duedate was yesterday. So, not long now...

    Next phase, the dirt. TEE's can't be made extremely dirty. Most of the time the TEE's were important for the national image. They were a symbol of modern international transportation and a mark of prestige. So you won't find many pictures of TEE's extremely dirty and certainly not rusty. If you do find them, I'll bet those are pictures of TEE's which have been decommissioned. In active service they were not dirty for long. As such, to make a proper weathering gradiant for this one, it will be an excercise in less is more:

    So, the VT 11.5 is in the shed and it seems Grimes already did most of the work. For it's just improving on already solid work. The lettering needs to be applied and more of that little stuff:

    Normally I don't mix in these quite irrelevant discussions, but here it is - unfortunately - directed at me. First off, @Markus1014: chill out dude. This:

    A 4k - texture for such a small vehicle.
    You are making a joke :thumbdown:
    Good bye, performance.

    is a unnecessary. You don't like it? Fine, then don't download it. Really - I don't take offense. But you sound really angry. At first I thought your sentiment may just be translated bad to English, but:

    You obviously don't really like some of the more painstaking work of texturing. Again: fine. But don't project your annoyance as "fact" and presume that your opinion is commonplace. In your swift judgement you render me to "Nietenzähler" and presume to say that it only is something a modder would do. Wrong I'm afraid. In the past those exact fine details have been the object of much praise. I don't mean that as arrogance - everything but - but just to say to you that your opinion is not commonplace, far from it.
    But to perhaps illustrate my difference of opinion more graphicly, first 4K:

    And now 2K:

    The DRG-schild normal has been shifted by me. But for the rest the difference is quite noticable.

    You don't find this important? Your opinion, not mine, perhaps not even of the majority. I really understand if you want to sacrifice detail for performance. I'm a texturer and provide my textures as good as I can get them. If the modeler wants to reduce size for performance, it's up to him/her. Compromise is not my task in this case.

    In short: don't call me a Nietenzähler. That is a bit ignorant and insulting. It would be the same if I would say your critiscm is based on the fact you play the game with a potato-computer because you're poor. Is that presumptuous? Extremely so, but just to make a point. The whole discussion between detail vs. performance is as old as the gameworld itself, nothing new. All I'm saying is: opinions can be vocalized with less salt.

    And just to show no hard feelings @Markus1014, especially for you. In 8K: