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    I am wondering what triggers the destination in the signs on the vehicles since my vehicles only shows the line number, but never the destination.

    Since I am having the same problem with both vanilla and modded vechicles the problem is likely not in the mods itself.

    Does anyone have any tips as to how to get the destination city/stop to show in the destination signs (ZZAs)?

    Nei, beklagligvis ikke.

    Jeg har lovet Anton ikke å spride filene hans videre, men der er faktisk en mulighet til som jeg brukte.

    I texturefilene til Rc-lokene findes det også en Green Cargo Rc4, men da fikk jeg bare Green Cargo på den ene siden av loket.

    Det kreves også at du lager en ny modelfil for å få loket å fungere i TpF.

    Beklagligvis ble det ikke noe med Nordic DLC og nå når alle går over til TpF2 fungerer ikke modellene fra Train Fever lenger.

    Heldigvis har vi da Ola Haldor som har konverteret NSB-modellene sine til TpF2.

    Den enkleste måten å få Anton sine Skandinaviske modeller er å kontake han via PM og betale for å få filene sent over, slik gjorde jeg.

    I am having similar problems as Didi04, however it seems to occur to ALL mods I install manually.

    The mods show up in the start menu and can be chosen although they have the yellow arrow woth two exclamation marks inside it.

    When I click the slider it activates the mod, but it still doesn't show up in the depots when I try to buy them.

    In my case I have tried several mods and now I am suspecting that it has to do with how the models have been converted from TpF 1 (the BR01 steam locomotive and the Bavarian steam locomotives and carriages for instance).

    If I am lucky enough to find a mod both here on the website and in the Steam workshop (Angier's bridges for instance) the Workshop mod works fine while the manually installed version refuse to show up in game.

    Since there are many models here in the Downloads section that I would like to use I would appreciate any help You can provide in this matter.

    I was looking for TF2 tutorial for repaints, but as non-German speaker I can't find any (except some old threads for TF1). I would like to ask can anyone put me on the right track. I know how to code in several programming languages, so I think not much help is needed. English text would be amazing, but I can use Google translate to work with German texts too.

    Thank you in advance. If I succeed with this endeavour I promise to make full English repaint tutorial of my own ;)

    Since I try to achieve something similar I am putting my hope to Your promise here now that You seem to have gotten hang of things. ;)
    I have absolutely no experience of modding other than altering the modelfile, so a step by step tutorial in English would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried Googling, but all the tutorials I could find was in German which I am not familiar enough with to understand in a Youtube stream.

    In case it helps anybody else I found out that there is a conflicting mod which changes the capacity of the all passenger airplanes.
    The two mods are not compatible since the mod that changes the capacity also makes it impossible to change airport size for them as long as the mod is activated even if You change that line in the vanilla files.
    As soon as I deactivated the capacity mod I could change the airport size as desired by changing the size line in the model file.

    Hi John!

    I haven't played the scenarios myself, so I can't help You with that unfortunately.
    I haven't used German since school in the early 1990s apart from some holidays, so I too struggle to read sometimes.
    Fortunately there are two remedies for this, firstly You should set the language settings of the forum to English as Maik posted above if You haven't already done so, this will give You the forum information itself (headlines and so on), but the content in the threads will still be in German.
    Secondly I use Google who translates the content of the threads to decent English so that Your imagination can work the rest out.

    I wish to limit the list of town names available when I create a new map in the map editor to start a free game.
    To achieve this I have removed all the folders that I don't wish to appear from both the strings- and the name2 folders, but the list doesn't change anyway.
    What am I missing here?

    An improvised German translation using Google:

    Ich möchte die Liste der verfügbaren Städtenamen einschränken, wenn ich im Karteneditor eine neue Karte erstelle, um ein freies Spiel zu starten.
    Um dies zu erreichen, habe ich alle Ordner, die nicht angezeigt werden sollen, aus den Ordnern strings- und name2 entfernt, aber die Liste ändert sich trotzdem nicht.
    Was vermisse ich hier?

    I tried to use a mod from Steam Workshop that would change the size that some airplanes can use.
    However after subscribing to the mod only the cargoversions of those planes changed airportsize.

    This got me curious, so I decided to look into the modelfiles and see if I could change the size of airport usable just by replacing the line with the size from big to small.
    Unfortunately this didn't work since the planes still show large airports in the game despite my change of phrase in the modelfile, so is there anything else I need to look at to change this?

    I just found out that the option already exists under misc buildings when You configure a large airport.
    However the game crashed to desktop as I tried to add the approach lights for the second runway.

    Is it possible to make an expansion for the large airports in TpF2 so that You can reconfigure the airport with a second runway?
    I am having capacity problems with airplanes having to make several attempts before they can land due to congested runways...

    Thanks for the advice, I shuld have thought of opening it before posting... ;)

    However upon opening the file in my texteditor it is completely empty, not a single character in it, which I suppose could explain why the game has problems using it.
    Should I try downloading the game from Steam again?

    Edit: I managed to solve the problem by verifying my gamefiles which showed that I was missing 16 files for the game.
    Steam then downloaded the files and upon starting a free game with the same settings mentioned earlier the game started as expected.

    Thanks for Your time though!

    I just downloaded the game and tried to play it for the first time, but I was quickly dissapointed when the game crashed to desktop before even getting started.
    When trying to play the campaign the game starts to load the first mission, but soon stops loading and crashes to desktop without any further notice.
    I then tried to start a Free game with temperate theme and european vehicles starting at 1910, but with the same result. The game starts to load the map but soon crashed to desktop, however this time I got an error message saying the following:
    Lua error, file: res\config\game_script\arrivaltracker.lua.
    string " res\config\game_script\arrivaltracker.lua":1: unexpected symbol.
    Since it was my first attempt at playing the game I have not installed any usermade mods, so I suppose the problem must be within the game itself or any of the UG mods in it?

    I also checked the Steam forum and quickly found a thread with many people being thrown out to the desktop, but usually after playing it some time while I can't even start the game.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Ah, the DC9-21 Sport with the larger engines for better field performance... that must have been a fun aircraft. Do you prefer the old "dragon boat", the white paintscheme with the diagonal stripes or the newer one with the orange nacelles?

    If You are looking at doing both models the paintscheme with the diagonal stripes that were used between the dragonboat and the red engines is probably best as it can be used both for the DC-9s and the MDs, but I am happy with whatever paintscheme You choose. :)

    As for the Dc-9 and MD-series I would suggest a version for SAS which was one of the largest operators of the aircraft in Europe and even got Mc Donnell Douglas to build a special shorter version of the DC-9 which was used exclusively by SAS for short runways in the Northern parts of Scandinavia.

    In total SAS operated over 80 aircraft of the MD-80 series and around 70 of the DC-9, some of them during the same period of time.
    As a comparison Swissair operated around half the number of DC-9s and MD-80s.

    The Dc-9s and Md-80s belonging to SAS operated on routes throughout most of Scandinavia and Europe, some of them as far as to Beirut if I remember things correctly.