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Willkommen in der Transport Fever Community

Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Registration and use is of course free for you.


We wish you a lot of fun and hope for active participation.

The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

    green ist hier ein eventname, der müsste dann wohl durch forever ersetzt werden. Alternativ einen weiteren Tabelleneintrag:


    Another betaversion with features for the upcoming patch was released today. In the following again a short summary and tabular description:


    Added difficulty selection to load game dialogIn the loading screen of existing saved games, there is now also a selection of the difficulty level at the bottom of the vehicle set selection screen, which can be adjusted after starting a map.
    Improved keyboard shortcuts: now possible to use Shift/Ctrl/Alt
    Improved keyboard shortcuts: show key bindings in tool tips
    Improved keyboard shortcuts: added more commands (construction menu)
    The key command assignment has been extended: It is now possible to use the SHIFT, CTRL or ALT key for combined commands. In addition, more commands for assigning key combinations are prepared. In the game the key combinations are also displayed in the tooltips.
    Improved settings menu: show warning in case of duplicate key bindings
    If there are duplicates of self-created key combinations, the game informs in a dialog before an existing combination is overwritten.
    Improved settings menu: added button pointing to "userdata" folderTo make it easier to find the Userdata folder, a corresponding button has been placed in the settings menu. In this folder you can find mods, scores, maps, screenshots and the bug reports.
    Improved vehicle store: show whether reversible or not (vehicle config still wip)A small double arrow in the purchase menu now indicates whether the compiled configuration is suitable for shuttle trains.


    [Modding] Added (per savegame) mod settings feature (wip)The game now supports adding configuration options to mods (similar to the mod options for the TPFMM/CommonAPI). These can be set individually for each savegame. The types can be used as parameter types in the same way as design parameters. They are stored in the info block of the mod.lua file as params = { ... } in the info block of the mod.lua file. A more detailed description will follow. An example file for better understanding can be found here: mod.lua
    [Modding] Added user-definable minimum radius to track type (slope still wip)It is now possible to influence the minimum buildable radius of track types. There are two new fields in the track-configs for this purpose:
    t.minCurveRadius limits the absolute minimum radius
    t.minCurveRadiusBuild limits the minimum radius that can be built as a single track, then some parallel tracks can still be placed next to it.
    [Modding] Added customizable factors for train acceleration/decelerationIn the base_config the acceleration and braking behavior of the trains can be influenced. This should allow "emergency braking" before signals to be mitigated. The entries are as follows:
    game.config.trainAccelerationFactor = 1.0
    game.config.trainBrakeDeceleration = 2.5
    [Modding] Added con feature to add/remove other modules when a module is builtWith modular constructions it is now possible to automatically add further modules or remove existing modules when a module is placed.
    [Modding] Improved in-game console: cursor, selection, copy/paste, scroll to end
    [Modding] Improved console command prompt auto-completion
    The console built into the last betaversion now has scrollbars, the input line has a cursor and there is auto-complete.
    [Modding] Improved scripting interface: new functionality now available under api.*
    [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added utils, resource types, mdl metadata [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added argument names for many functions
    The Scripting API has been extended again. In addition, the new functions have been moved to the api.* area to better distinguish them from the existing functions.
    [Modding] Improved error handling: show complete file name on error
    [Modding] Fixed file names cut off in Lua error messages
    [Modding] Improved error handling while building a construction (don't crash)
    The error messages are now more detailed and no longer shorten file names. There is also a button that leads to the location of the file causing the crash.

    There were also some more bugfixes and a fix for the ModelEditor.

    Wenn ein Beitrag ausgelagert wurde, dann wird das schon einen Grund haben. In diesem Fall eine zunehmend inhaltliche Abwendung vom Ursprungsthema. Der Kontext ist durch das (im Regelfall auf den originalen Themenstrang verweisende) Zitat hergestellt.

    Dann bitte ich einmal um die stdout.txt

    bbTree hat vermutlich nichts mit den Pflanzen-Bäumen zu tun, sondern viel mehr mit technischen Baumstrukturen bei den Shadern. BB könnte für BoundingBox stehen, sicher bin ich mir da allerdings nicht.

    Ja,die Möglichkeit besteht.

    Ich würde allerdings nicht mit etwas spezifischen rechnen, weil man dann doch enttäuscht sein könnte, wenn es nicht oder erst sehr spät eintritt.

    Viele Modder haben sehr viele Projekte in Arbeit und planen auch noch viel. Allerdings ist eben die Zeit ein Faktor und da mWn keiner der Modder hauptberuflich moddet, hat das gegenüber unerwarteten Umständen meistens geringere Priorität. Ergo: vieles ist möglich, aber weder Zeitpunkt noch Umfang lassen sich konkret Vorhersagen geschweige denn zusagen.

    You have to compare the model structure in TF1 and TF2 to determine the differences. Some examples:

    • The material references lists have to be in the msh-files. There have to be material configs to cascade the actual selected materials from the mdls over grps to mshs.
    • The animations are embedded in the msh-files or group files. There have to be event lists to cascade the event triggers down to the mshs or groups.
    • Some Metadata in mdls changed, like speed.
    • Repaints require direct access to the msh to add in materials or have to use a mod util script like the one from Merk
    • Script API has some changes, thus there might be some rescripting needed.