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Willkommen in der Transport Fever Community

Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Registration and use is of course free for you.


We wish you a lot of fun and hope for active participation.

The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

    Currently, the time until release is 'infinity', as I do not have a planned release day. I have plenty of tasks to do and there are some issues that I'd like to solve before release.

    Es ist die herkömmliche Konstruktion wie in TF1. Als Grundlage dient eben die Curved Station Mod von Urban Games. Allerdings habe ich eben die Möglichkeit ergänzt, die Bahnsteige mit unterschiedlichen Längen zu bauen. Dazu gibt es entsprechend Parameter.


    Even though the new patch is only in the testing phase so far, there are already quite a few new features that can be found. Where it makes sense, I have explained and illustrated them a bit here to make the short descriptions more tangible. But please note that this is currently a test version. So there might be some changes. In addition, more features will be added until the update is released.


    Added in-game language selectionUp to now, the language of the game was bound to the Steam settings in the Steam version. Now there is a setting point under Settings>Interface>Localization>Language. There all currently available languages can be selected.
    Added vehicle lifetime warning behavior to settingsMany users have complained about the recurring notifications of old vehicles, which are not really relevant for sandbox players. Now you can choose whether the message should appear as a small text message or flashier. In addition, the interval at which the system checks for outdated vehicles can be set between 1 and 60 minutes or switched off completely.

    Added save game progress bar when saving manuallyUntil now, a progress bar only appeared for Autosaves. When saving manually, no interaction was possible for a short time, but there was no indication that the saving process had been completed. Now a progress bar appears here as well.


    Added in-game console for Lua scripting (press F11 to open)A console can be opened in the game by pressing the F11 key. This can be used for experimenting with lua.

    Added vehicle custom cargo models: exampleThe possibility of defining your own cargo loads was eliminated with the switch to the CargoBays. With the new feature it is now possible to define your own loading levels again. In addition, unlike Transport Fever 1, it is also possible to have objects selected randomly from a list. Furthermore, it is possible to specify different configurations for the same type of freight, from which it is then also selected randomly (e.g. 2 vans instead of 4 small cars on a car transporter). This allows a wide range of application scenarios to be covered. These include container cars with different containers, flat cars with their own special cargo, funnel-shaped bulk goods cars. A more detailed documentation of the new feature will follow.
    Added factors to control calculated costs and maintenanceThe automatic calculation of the purchase price and maintenance costs takes into account various characteristics of the vehicle. Since this sometimes leads to curious results, it is possible to influence and correct the calculation with the two new properties.

    Added possibility to mod localizations into new languagesIt is now possible to add own languages for the game as mod.
    Improved scripting interface (wip)For script mods many additional API possibilities are provided. More details will follow.
    Improved module construction menu when having a lot of categoriesWith a large number of module categories the menu is now displayed correctly.

    Improved railroad crossing list scrollbarThe level crossing selection menu is now scrollable again so that all available level crossings can be reached.

    There were also a lot of small improvements and bugfixes in the game. Furthermore, the error output has been extended to provide more information.

    Model Editor

    Added label preview featureThe new function can be used to display the text labels on models. Any text can be entered.

    Added light rotation featureUntil now, CTRL + pressed left mouse button rotated the model. However, passengers etc. remained at their positions. Now you can use CTRL + pressed left mouse button to rotate the light incidence around the model. This means that the chocolate side can be put into the right light without showing the passengers wrong. By the way, it is also possible to influence the shadow cast for the 3D view.

    Added markers for seats, cargo bays, particle systems and labelsMany of the properties defined in the metadata could previously only be checked in the game or could only be tested laboriously in the Model Editor. Now you can display the positions of seats as well as the positions and sizes of CargoBays, particle emitters and labels.

    Added mesh highlighter previewWith complex models you often lose track of which mesh is actually where in the model. With a click on an entry in the model tree you can now highlight the corresponding mesh.

    Added slider for vehicle ageTo test the aging, the age of the vehicle can now be simulated with a slider without steps.

    Added marker for current file in open dialogThe currently loaded model is highlighted in the Open dialog.
    Added triangle count labelThe number of tris in the currently visible LOD levels is displayed as a sum in the upper left corner

    Added transform editingIt is now possible to edit transformation matrices, such as those used for the placement of seats and CargoBays. For ease of use the values are entered separately for each parameter. So you can explicitly specify position, rotation and size.

    Fixed screenshot feature: reactivated 3D screenshotsThe screenshots in 3D perspective known from the ModelViewer of TPF1 are back.

    Improved windows usability such as resizing or pinning
    It is possible to change the size of the dialog boxes.
    Improved option window usabilityThe options menu has now been split (also considering the new options) into several tabs containing thematically sorted entries.

    Improved initial values of materialsIn the Model Editor it is possible to edit all properties of material files (and then see the effect live). You can also change material types. The material settings assumed when creating a new material (e.g. during FBX import) have been improved.

    Further changes in the Model Editor:

    • Fixed animation loop button when closing file
    • Fixed metadata merging: particle system overwritten
    • Fixed crew appearing as passengers
    • Fixed refresh issues with passengers and cargo preview
    • Fix: When changing models, the header no longer expands step by step to the right into infinity. So the buttons stay where they should be.

    warum releasen sie den eigentlich jetzt schon wenn er erst zur Hälfte fertig ist?

    Es ist kein Release. Es ist eine Testingversion.

    An sich ist es sinnvoll, weil man so schon Bugs in den fertigen Features finden und beheben kann, während andere Features noch in der Entwicklung sind.

    Das verkürzt dann die Zeit fürs Bugsuchen und Fixen am Ende vor dem tatsächlichen Release.