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    Hello @EAT1963

    First, thank you for your fantastic work on this very useful script.

    I did a few tries on some of my mods, here is two things i noticed :

    - The 0.12a version of the converter seems to have an issue with the way i placed seats on my Z8100 using variables. It give the attached error message when converting. Version 0.11 seems to work fine.

    - I used light assets of TpF 1 on most of my mods, the converter remove them, but doesn't remove the now missing ids from the configs parts which cause the game to crash as soon as it goes out of the depot. I'm not sure that you want to handle this particular case or not so i posted this just for your information.

    Regarding your comparison to real life, the thing is most of what you miss don't necessarily work with the game scale and mechanics, which make balancing a bit tricky, especially if you want material that respect their real life specifications.

    For example on passengers trains, the best ones would almost always be trains that are fast to accelerate, have a decent max speed and good capacity/loading speed, because of the relatively low distances between stations. Add to that the fact that the game make no differences between standing or seating passengers and the best solution for your lines will basically be a real life commuter or some regional express trains, even if you consider your line to be a long distance one. With the very basic economy of the game, and from a profit perspective, you will have a single best train for the majority of your passengers lines, which may not even be the one with the greatest speed or capacity, but the one capable of transporting the biggest amount of people every month.

    For the same reasons, some trains will never be the best at anything in TpF, like for example some high speed train with slow acceleration and slow loading speed, because the maps are usually not big enough for the difference in speed to make up for the time lost during the loading at the station and the slow acceleration to max speed.

    Of course it's a bit of a generalization, and it depends on your map size and settings, but given the economic system of Transport Fever, sometimes you have to forgot about the "best" for the sake of variety.


    I'm not sure what exactly you call a "setting UI vehicle icons" but you can use the model viewer to generate everything you need by clicking the screenshot button at the top. It will generate all the UI icons needed for the game in the Transport Fever\model_viewer\screenshots\gui_icons\ folder and a bunch of screenshots from different angle that you can use for whatever you want in the Transport Fever\model_viewer\screenshots\website\ folder.


    I work with Blender so i don't have a step by step guide for 3dsMax, but i think you can give a look at @Enzojz Model Converter available here to convert your model to the TpF format. The scripting is done in LUA.

    Regarding your old post about polygons, i don't think 27k tris on a MU is a lot, as long as you have proper LOD.

    @Seamon : in the case of vehicles doors, an easy way to mostly fix the issue is to apply the interior material to the inside faces of the doors by selecting them in blender and assigning the new material. You have to keep the exterior material for the other faces of the door. The doors should be at least properly seen when they are closed, although there may still be transparency issue when they are open depending on their position.

    I will give it a try, because i like programming things ^^

    The example is only partial, there are the first class seats with only 3 in a row and other Y coordinate and a "couch" seat with a different Z value and orientations. So i think some adaptation would be needed, and it would be nice if the function could be called from an external file to avoid having to copy past in every mdl file of the mod. I will see what i can do to push it further, thanks. :)

    @Enzojz : In blender there is "empties" that are basically just coordinate without geometry which could be used i guess. I don't know about other 3d softwares.

    There is no real code in the case i use, just variable and manual copy past :) But yeah, a program where you can just write the coordinates and that will output the lines for you could be already nice.

    @Enzojz : I think that @Grimes was more thinking of something to put in the 3d file that will define the coordinate of the seat and write them in the mdl file when converting. Like you can create custom object in Blender that define lod or grp for the exporter plugin.

    It's already possible to do that with a function in the mdl file, although i tend to only use variable as the spacing between seats is often irregular (i have attached an example). The thing is, it's tedious as we need to go into the 3d app (blender in my case), and manually check the coordinate of every seats.


    If you can then somehow assign the seats by click, you are finally my hero :D

    I think he would be "everybody that make mod with seats" hero if he can come up with something for that :D

    Btw, it would require some clever math to properly place passengers depending on their orientation (as they are off-centered), so it may be a motivation for you @Enzojz, as you seems to like that ! ;)


    Comme @DerNico, je fait des trains qui transporte les marchandises du même type. Le problème d'un train mixte c'est que parfois il sera plein sur un type de marchandise et pas sur un autre, ce qui n'est pas très optimal.

    Sacré HUB de marchandise que tu as fait là en tout cas. Voilà qui devrait faire de quoi occuper les BB26000 Fret à venir :P

    Hi @Enzojz,

    Animation are quite easy actually, they are defined in the msh file that will be animated with the following parameters :

    Animation_name_1 is the name of the animation (you can have multiple animation in the same msh file), it will be used to call the animation from the mdl file.
    Origin is... well, the origin.
    keyframes are the different steps of the animation. Each step contain a time in ms which indicate the length of the animation, and the rotation and translation to apply. TpF can play the animation forward or backward (for opening and closing doors with the same animation for exemple).

    I can't really help you with creating animation in blender though, as i do them manually in the msh file, but i can help you test the exporter as i have imported msh with animation that i can reexport with your tool.

    @Enzojz : i edit my textures with and usually convert to dds with the photoshop plugin.

    I think your are searching in the wrong direction for this issue. As you can see from the BB26000 screenshot, the texture is properly applied to this project i'm currently working on like for your test, but unlike the finished Z21500, it as currently only one material and a single texture. For the CC6500 on the other hand (which as multiple material on the same mesh), there is a small shift of the texture on the y axis.

    Anyway, all of my models work properly in game, it's just the preview of TpFMC that have issue so it's not a big deal if it's too much trouble to solve. I don't need the preview, as i only intend to use TpFMC for the logo for now. While you did a great job with it, the blender plugin as the advantage of basically exporting a working mod (mdl/mtl/grp files, proper file structure, etc) which make things a lot easier for blender users :)

    Tell me if you need me for more tests to broke your work :D

    Using dds file from blender give the same result but with the texture flipped in the TpFMC preview (see TpFMC_DDS.jpg), and the exact same result in the model viewer as in my previous post. With the 0.8 version of this morning, the preview is also wrong (see TpFMC0.8.jpg) but the result in the model viewer is good.

    When the fbx is exported from blender the texture defined in the model is in TGA (not flipped) to work with blender, the texture used in the model viewer is the final texture in DDS (flipped). Both work properly ig with msh file exported from blender or from an old version of TpFMC. The game handle the flip of the DDS file itself.

    The uv is also wrong on the body actually. The part you see in the screen is the part of the texture that go to the front part of the Z21500, not the trailer and there is a scale issue on the vertical axis. The only difference between the door and the body is that the door as two materials (to deal with the transparency issue ig). The interior materiel is applied on the interior face of the door (not visible on the screenshot) while the exterior materiel is applied on the others faces.