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Willkommen in der Transport Fever Community

Welcome to the fan community of Transport Fever and Train Fever, the economic simulators of Urban Games. The community is free for you to share and inform yourself about the game. We cultivate a friendly and objective interaction with each other and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Registration and use is of course free for you.


We wish you a lot of fun and hope for active participation.

The Team of the Transport-Fever Community

    I increased the speed as it didn't work good with lower speeds. I was starting the mod construction by thinking transportation of gasses and they are going faster.

    I have compiled a new version for punkdog. If that works I will publish it.

    I have found the running cost set to -1 but and cost for buy was set to a constant. Now both are set to constants 1.000.000 / 100.000

    It's really strange, but there are some errors and I suspect that it has something to do with a bridge or a bungalow. I hope someone more experienced person can support this problem. None of these names are used in the oil terminal mod.

    Hi is it OK that I answer in English? (I can read german but prefer answering in English)

    I got a look into the stdout.txt file and the strange thing is that I can't see that it's complaining about the oil terminal mod. Did you test to move the oil terminal in the activation list? Please try to set it to the first line.

    I'm testing my mods in a game and now I have seen that yearFrom and yearTo doesn't work as I think they should. The mod is already enabled in year 1880.

    I can't see that my code differs from the example in the WIKI.

    Code: snippet from My mod
    1. local tempA =
    2. tempA.availability =
    3. tempA.availability.yearFrom = 1890
    4. tempA.availability.yearTo = 1929
    5. =
    6. tempA.desc.description = streetConA.description.description
    7. local streetDynA =

    link to the example in WIKI: Reference (

    So make sure, you are using unique keys.

    I have changed each key name in both mod and .script files, but the game is using the wrong script file.

    Please keep in mind, that both mods works when loading them separately.

    Here is my description on how I can repeat the problem:

    • I start the game with an empty stdout.txt
    • After the savegame has loaded I click on only the eraA construction, --> I get a construction error
    • Reading the stdout.txt on row 73-76, 99-106 there it says the wrong file and wrong mod folder.

    The first mod is now named with a big A at the end, the second mod has names with C at the end of each key name.

    What I can see is that the game should open the file creek_bridge_streetA.script but it opens creek_bridge_streetC.script in the other loaded mod folder.

    Is this a bug in the game and how can I do a work around?

    Here are the two mods in the file explorer:

    here is a snippet from the mod.lua in the eraA mod:

    a snippet from the mod.lua in the eraC directory


    • stdout.txt

      (3.85 kB, downloaded 30 times, last: )

    there is a bug regarding modparams

    That I didn't know, Thank you it makes sense to what I have seen.

    About Static/Dynamic, actually I'm trying to find why the setting menu isn't showing up on the right side when I select "configure" on the dynamic construction after it has been built. I wish to make a change, but the menu does not appear as it is doing for a standard mod like my Autobahnkreuz.